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15 year-old Gamer from Canberra, Australia. My favorite game series are Halo and the arkham series.

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Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? iPhone 4
Re: All-Time Favorite Game The first Xbox game I ever got, Midtown Madness 3. [img]
Re: Post your dream ride [img][/img] [img]
Where would you like to fight in Destiny? Where would you want to explore, and where do you think a great battle would take place? Personal
Re: [Videos] What You Didn't Know About Halo and Bungie's Minecraft I bet they'd be regretting not making that Minecraft game now.
Re: Do you think Destiny is going to sell alright? It's highly anticipated, has a strong fan base and is coming out on 4 consoles. It is going sell a l
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey, most of you will probably know me from Halotracker. I am 15 years old from Canberra, Australia.
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? I am not entirely sure which next gen console I am getting at this stage but it'll probably be the X
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? Super Mario World, that game was the best
Re: What are you favorite colors? Green, it is the color of my favorite NRL team, the Canberra Raiders.
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? Who isn't excited for Destiny?
Re: What are you expecting from destiny/ wanting I am looking forward to getting a group of friends together and traveling around killing the fallen.
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed @llferoll I tweet about Halo 4 and Destiny mainly.
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? Warlock, I can't wait to start running around killing people with magic attacks.

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