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Keys for prison of elders? I know they can be found in bounty chest and one is given to you for completing the story but is the
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) He needs to sell Thunderlord before HoW releases. Three Fridays left before it will be too late. I t
Re: Whats Your favorite Shotgun? IF you don't like shotguns that is fine you do you. But please only post here if you want to talk ab
Whats Your favorite Shotgun? I was wondering what people favorite shotguns where and the perks that they had on them. My favori
Hoping for an event this week Its been a while since we have gotten an event. I really hope they put trials of Osiris, but I would
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) Well we got Plan C. . . One of the 4 exotics I already have. Xur is always a disappointment :(
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) Well I would be fine with whatever as long as I don't have it and its not Dragon's breath or no land
What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) Xur has been fairly disappointing lately with what he is selling. We have gotten no land beyond and

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