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Re: Elo leaderboards [quote=DroidTheLegend][quote=xorth][quote=DroidTheLegend]Multiple elo leaderboards are buggy and ret
Re: DTR Score Bug [quote=Edward-Alphonse]My DTR score is incorrect an error acourred when I eliminated one of my chara
Re: Supremacy match history [quote=digitsix]Not working...[/quote] Can you send me a link?
Re: Bug [quote=Enphytotic]I just went from almost 200k dtr score to 100k dtr score, says I lost over 92k dtr
Re: Elo leaderboards [quote=DroidTheLegend]Multiple elo leaderboards are buggy and return an error upon clicking on them
Re: DTR score dropped 70k for no reason [quote=FUDG3yourP4NT5]My DTR score has dropped by about 68k on 11. april. I have never deleted a cha
Re: Gamer is verified. [quote=i_Burn_i]Is this an option for certain people/supporters? I don't really see the option in my
Re: DTR score dropped 16k for no reason [quote=Gianpaulo203]My DTR score has reduce 16k on 18 june. I think this is a bug so please fixed.[/
Re: TRN Live Tracking [quote=Eleandre][quote=MJClarkster]I am a streamer on Twitch and I noticed some streamers are starti
Re: TRN Live Tracking [quote=MJClarkster]I am a streamer on Twitch and I noticed some streamers are starting to incorporat
Re: Games are randomly not appearing in my 'games' tab. [quote=taxemic]Hi Played Crossroads, Cauldron, then a whole bunch of games tonight. All the games
Re: Iron Banner Mayhem Clash [quote=Miupe]Yep played yesterday alone and with some friends and the games are not apearing, thats
Re: Iron Banner Mayhem Clash [quote=SPARSTE]Bump[/quote] Read up
Re: Iron Banner Mayhem Clash [quote=PuLSAz0r]I can't see any games from Iron Banner Mayhem Clash recorded against my character on
Re: stats are not updating [quote=PuLSAz0r]Same for me. It's the Iron Banner Mayhem Clash games that are missing [/quote] T
Re: stats are not updating [quote=ScreamMeMeMe]Same for me.[/quote] working now?
Re: stats are not updating [quote=gmoneyy 561]says updated a minute ago, last data pull was from 2 days ago. dont know if youre
Destiny MMR We have developed a new rating system that we will call Destiny MMR. MMR Stands for 'Match making R
Re: Lost around 50k DTR Score [quote=rencksy]Its been around two weeks now since I noticed I went from +148000 of DTR score to 100
[Site News] Crota Raid Guide (Updated) w/ Deathsinger & Crota Challenges! [youtube]0D9nOQGtrtA[/youtube]
[Site News] The Weekly Reset 3/21/2017 [youtube]dJSvRI5d-58[/youtube]
[Site News] Age Of Triumph Weekly Ritual Reveal Stream Breakdown [youtube]y6ZHnjvHdQg[/youtube]
Re: DTR BUG [mention]ppmancillas[/mention] Got you fixed up!
[Site News] Genesis Chain Review! Post Hotfix [youtube]ojIuuKFB86k[/youtube]
[Site News] Iron Banner next week! More changes coming to the crucible! [youtube]LV0YPuywyvI[/youtube]
[Site News] Wormwood Review Post-Hotifx [youtube]_m-BYVsLhpo[/youtube]
[Site News] We're running Trials w/ Viewers today! We're running Trials today w/ Viewers. Come watch and hang out! Our twitch channel is [url=https://
[Site News] New to Destiny? <div id="wmd-preview-section-1" class="wmd-preview-section preview-content"> <p><img src="https:/
[Site News] Merry Christmas Merry Christmas from Destiny Tracker and Tracker Network! Hope everyone enjoys a nice day w/ the
[Site News] Xur Is here! [center] [color=Orange][b]Exotic Gear[/b][/color] [url=
Re: DTR Elo [quote=demonbeman]My ELO changes fairly durastically for just losing 1 or 2 matches. I was Diamond
[Site News] We're streaming The Dawning Live! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" all
[Site News] Show me your Rolls: Ep1 [youtube]mm0WwWBLwtw[/youtube]
[Site News] Xur is here! [center] [color=Orange][b]Exotic Gear[/b][/color] [url=
[Site News] Destiny Arms Day! Suros DIS-43, Judith-D, & More! (11-30-16) [youtube]2Zv76sQwsk0[/youtube]
[Site News] Destiny Tracker YouTube Channel Update! Changes Incoming! [youtube]17mgHLcyqKA[/youtube]
Re: webhooks [quote=DwightFryebrain]Thanks, much appreciated [/quote] We do have an api, which I think is wha
[Site News] Xur is here! [center] [color=Orange][b]Exotic Gear[/b][/color] [url=
Re: Grimoire is bugged on the tracker Your grimoire is correct. Bungie has responded. You have 5400. The checklist will show 5390 or 539
Re: Grimoire is bugged on the tracker This has to do with Siva clusters. Figuring it out. Starting to think the number we are showing is
Re: Grimoire is bugged on the tracker [quote=joshato][quote=Hey Im Swat]Hey, [mention]joshato[/mention] Due to a bug in the Bungie API,
Re: Supremacy Stats Not Displaying... [quote=Timothy Kelly]I have a issue that I see two different supremacy choices under the games tab.
Re: My trials ELO is not showing [quote=Czbk]I cant get an elo number for my trials stats, has saod unavailable for like the past yea
Re: Destiny Level Up Guide! [quote=Jay Reed ][/quote] Thanks for the guide, Jay! Some feedback, is to use a little text form
[Site News] Siva Clusters Check List To support you in your quest to acquire all the Siva Clusters, we have put up a checklist! This chec
Re: ELO Leaderboards url linking issue [quote=Arcxk]Try to find the person who is ranked 105 in Trials ELO without manually changing the UR
Re: Can't view raid stats [quote=Vince DiCola][quote=Hey Im Swat]Hey, [mention]Vince DiCola[/mention] I'm seeing an issue w
Re: KDA seems to be off [quote=ffilll]I've noticed the KDA stat seems to be off. I had an crazy rare game were I only had o
Re: Advanced Search to see who I have played against? [quote=Freakzilladark]I think something like that would be awesome to see how many games you played
Re: DTR Elo Hasn't updated in 2 days [quote=Arcxk]Title[/quote] We're aware of the issue. We turned off Elo for a bit because bungie's

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