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We will be pushing a patch live tomorrow. Players will be returned to the title screen from their activities and then be required to log in to Destiny again after installing the patch.


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Re: for some reason my username is my email address [[email protected]]Can you change this to my gamertag please? I'd rather it wasn't public
Re: Chatbox Sometimes when I pull up the chat, the box shows but does not populate instantly. I sometimes have t
Mark All Read option Maybe I am missing it, but there should be a way to mark all forum topics as read. Either in general
Re: Destiny unlock codes. I found this list with details on another site. It also includes #11: #1 Warlock: YKA-RJG-MH9 #2 H
Re: Site Bugs Guide [quote=xorth]Have a bug? Please give me the following Information: - Page, with link - Time/
Re: BBCode Guide [quote=hellraizer87][/quote] [u]Bold[/u] [*b]Bold[/b] [b][Bold] [u]Strikethrough[/u]
Forums Idea - Twitter Tweet or Facebook Like/Share Is it possible to make an option for users to "Tweet" or "Share/Like" a forum thread or even a speci
Re: Post your dream ride [center][img]
Re: Request - Page numbering Also, there are no page numbers at the bottom of the thread. Nor are there options for "next page" o
Forums, PMs, and Groups Request Idea I would like the ability to "Select all" or "Mark all" as read. When I am in the forums, groups, or
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [url=]@ShavedLycan13[/url]
Introduce Yourself Welcome to DestinyTracker! Please feel free to introduce yourself so that we can get to know you
Re: Site Bugs Guide When clicking on the "Terms of Service", "Privacy", or "Security" links at the bottom left of the si

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