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Re: Dumb customers. A chat technician's tale. "Pat fix it." These are fantastic.
Re: Please welcome the newest member of the DTR family! Congrats, Xorth :)
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [quote=Sengir79][quote=Sorge][quote=Bane][quote=Sorge]No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me buy
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [quote=Bane][quote=Sorge]No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me buy it.[/quote] I'm pretty su
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [quote=Sengir79][quote=Sorge][quote=Sengir79][quote=Sorge]No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [quote=Sengir79][quote=Sorge]No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me buy it.[/quote] Um.... it
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me buy it.
Re: Post Your Picture [quote=ColdFoamy][img]
Re: What did you get for Christmas? A treadmill (For after one of the other presents), some clothes, some money, a yard long Twix bar, f
Re: Post Your Picture [quote=B][quote=Sorge]Hello, ladies. [img][/img][/quote] God damn t
Re: Post Your Picture [quote=Sengir79][quote=Sorge]Hello, ladies. [img][/img][/quote] I k
Re: Post Your Picture Hello, ladies. [img][/img]
Re: What Dreams Have You Had? [quote=TheBigL]You want weird? Ok, maybe it was more awesome than weird.. but anyways.. I had a d
Re: What Dreams Have You Had? I rarely dream. But I gotta tell ya, when I do, they're indescribably weird.
Re: Congratulations Auto, on the birth of your son!!! Whoa I never heard about this. Congrats, man :)
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? They need to actually playtest the game. And if they did, they need to do a better job of it. The ga
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? Galaxy S4
Re: Mobile Games 2048. First time I beat it I almost cried from joy. Pro tip, don't play 2048 at 4am.
Re: Survey | College Project I would if I had a job...
Re: What is your catch phrase? "FUCK!"
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* [quote=Morarn]And this is why games tell you to not turn off the power while it is saving[/quote] Gu
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* I didn't even talk to them about warranty or replacement or any of that stuff. It would probably be
Re: Lost Reputation I went from 70 to 38 :(
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* [quote=Liar]What was it?[/quote] Corrupted hard drive, gonna have to get a new one.
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* Alright so I talked with Support and got everything figured out. Thanks anyways.
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* [quote=M O N K E Y]Have you tried re-downloading the profiles?[/quote] I receive an error message ev
Xbox 360 Issue *Help* So last night, I was playin' a game, and it froze. After pulling the plug on my Xbox and rebooting i
Re: [Videos] Destiny News - Alien Armies, Gun Customization, Fallen Shanks You're welcome ;)
All-Time Favorite Game For me, it will always be Burnout 3: Takedown. Even though it's a, what, 9 year old game, to this da
Re: Shit gamers say [quote=TuffJuice]Before I switched to Team & Party, some kid was stuttering to yell at me in the pos
Re: Post your dream ride [quote=edge][img][/img][/quote] I
Re: Post your tattoos and piercings [quote=Liar][quote=Sorge]Don't have any tattoos yet, but I'll probably get some sometime in college.
Re: Shit gamers say Uhm... I've said some REALLY bad stuff that I would NEVER post on here lol. As for other people, I'v
Re: Post your tattoos and piercings Don't have any tattoos yet, but I'll probably get some sometime in college.
What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? So I saw that nobody had brought this thread over from HTR and decided I will. It's my last name,
Re: Post your Gaming Area! [IMG][/IMG] Note the Ikea table whatchamathingy holding up the TV
Re: Where would you like to fight in Destiny? I'm curious as to the role the gas planets will play and how you can be 'on' them, if possible. As f
Re: ASK If I'm correct, being a Maid of Honor (Technically it's Matron of Honor since you're married, thanks
Re: Classes Codex. Awesome job, man. Pretty badass.
Re: Microsoft Points to be removed. About time. I always hated MS points.
Re: ASK If you really want to get him candy, try to find some sugar-free candy (that's actually sugar-free,
Re: Post Your Picture You guys are a cute couple :)
Re: Post Your Picture [IMG][/IMG] I'm a meme :D [IMG][
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? Samsung Galaxy S2, upgrading to the S3 soon, though
Re: Favorite memories of H2 Hmm... it was the first Halo game I ever played, so I guess just the days of going over to my friend
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? Xbox Juan.
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? Oh yeah! Gonna be pretty freakin epic.
Re: What are you favorite colors? Black, White, Blue, and Purple.
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey guys, most of you here will know me as Sorge or s0rge or Ryan or whatever the crap you guys from
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [URL=]@SorgeSucks[/URL] New account 'cause the old Juan was derp.

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