One thing we learned from the Destiny 2 beta is that PVP is going to be a very different experience when compared with Destiny 1. The longer time to kill (TTK), slower special ability charges and nerfs, 4v4 game modes, and the power weapon ammo economy are going to require a “very particular set of skills” to be effective.

Below are some tips on how to be more effective in the Destiny 2 crucible. Full disclosure moment: At best I teeter around a 1.0 KD in the crucible. Therefore, I clearly don’t make these recommendations as an expert in execution but rather an expert in observation.

  • Strafing - Strafing is the act of moving from side to side while engaged in a gun dual. A moving target is always harder to hit so resist the urge to stand still while firing. The best players seem to NEVER stop moving.
  • Hit your head shots - There’s a much larger penalty (damage drop-off) in Destiny 2 for missing head shots so focus on where your reticle is located and at times play the recoil. For example, aim high rate of fire weapons at the chest and let the recoil hit the head shots.
  • Use cover - Pay attention to your surroundings and know where you can duck in and out of cover to avoid fire during your duels. Ducking back and forth around corners is a great way to practice this and I definitely recommend warlocks drop a healing rift in cover to dip in and out of during battle.
  • Know when to bail on a fight - This is one I personally have been focusing on. I get pretty stubborn in wanting to win every fight I’m engaged in but the reality is you can’t. Know when you can’t win and run. As Bob Marley said “He who fight and run away, lives to fight another day”.
  • Try lots of weapons - With a whole new loot pool on the way you should definitely test out lots of different weapons to see what you’re comfortable with and what’s effective for you. This can be highly individualized.
  • Use abilities strategically - The days of what Th3 Jez (aka monotone complainy guy) called "ability spam simulator the game" are gone. The slower charge rate means you need to choose your moments wisely. Save those abilities for either key momentum capturing kills or when enemies are grouped up.
  • Team shooting - This will be the next meta. The longer time to kill and more strategic play in a 4v4 modes will make this a huge factor to beating other teams. One I thing I learned while being carried to the lighthouse (hat tip to Tardy_ for fitting me in his backpack) was that if you find someone by himself / herself then capitalize on that moment and team up on them for the pick.
  • Communication - Callouts have always been vital in Trials of Osiris, but I see them playing a more substantial role in all game modes now. To draw off of the previous tip - if you see someone going it solo, callout to teammates that “a solo player is in rugs and if you’re near come help pick them off.”
  • Play in a fireteam - Not only is crucible more fun in a fireteam, it’s more effective as you can communicate and strategize during battle. If you don’t have a group of friends to play with I recommend you find a clan to join like the one DTR’s own Danfinity started (Current Meta Clan - or join a group on the Destiny as a whole is exponentially more fun in groups.

Most importantly, have fun. If you find yourself getting too frustrated, the best thing you can do is walk away and come back fresh later.

It’s almost time to assemble and defend your fellow Guardians in the new crucible.

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I hope these tips help you AMAZE Shaxx. If you have additional tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below.