Destiny 2 is confirmed for 2017

Activision, in their earnings call today, confirmed that Destiny 2 was on track for release in 2017, stating the following in their powerpoint presentation:

Destiny 2 Confirmed

While they also reported record growth overall, including expansion into the eSports segment with additional growth plans in the future - which should be exciting for Destiny fans as the franchise grows - this is the only information currently released. We'll update this article again if more details become available in the Q&A session or in Bungie's TWAB later today.

Update: During Q&A, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg elaborated further, stating firmly that Destiny 2 would be released this fall, would have a cinematic storytelling experience with a great cast of characters, and would do more of the things core Destiny fans love now while also being accessible to casual and new players. Destiny 2 will also expand to additional non-US markets, increasing its revenue.

We at DestinyTracker hope this growth for the franchise will fund a more rapid content release schedule, but nothing of the kind was confirmed by Eric, so that's still speculation. The official reveal is also still unannounced, but we can expect more details when that happens. Best guesses would put additional information coming out at the GDC later this month or during E3 in June.