*The competitive scene The Destiny community has shown interest time and again for the last 3 years in an interest and want for a competitive scene for the franchise. If you're unfamiliar with the term eSports (Electronic Sports*) it has been on the scene ever since video games first came out in the form of friend vs friend on the floor of someone's living room in front of a tv at all hours of the night. Video games have always brought around that competition with one another for who is the best player. The first real eSport competition came back in 1980 at the Space Invaders Tournament where more that ten thousand people participated in competition to see who was the best. This tournament laid the groundwork for all video game competitions and eSports everywhere. Since then the rise of eSports saw PC gaming make its way onto the scene in the 1990s along with the first true eSport competitions. The first being in 1997 with the Red Annihilation Tournament for FPS (first person shooters) “Quake” is considered to have been the first real instance of a FPS eSport and is still held in tournaments to this day! I myself thought Quake was long gone but i was pleasantly surprised that it's still going now every year and has a huge following of spectators as well as those competing. This is a focus on the FPS side to eSports and there are now countless other forms of eSport competitions world wide. )

The Trials of PVP Bungie the studio behind the title Destiny, gave their fans a competitive player vs player mode named the Trials of Osiris during the expansion House of Wolves back in 2015 which pitted two teams of three against another in a highly competitive elimination style game mode which the best of five rounds would take the win ultimately granting a winning team with nine total wins no loses entrance to the elusive location called the lighthouse on the planet mercury in the game. This has since been one of the largest draws that has kept players attached to the game during long stretches of content droughts and times where there was nothing left to presumably discover. Players would flock back each weekend to put their skills and their team to the test in Trials of Osiris and some would argue was the single piece of content that saved the game from fading out. With Destiny 2 approaching fast the player vs player side of the game called the Crucible has shown a growing interest that has been stewing in the community of loyal fans if Destiny 2 can be a eSport and be brought to other levels with its smooth and unmistakable weapon handling and character movements and pvp (player vs player) competitive modes that has kept the game from falling from the top of the Twitch registry for some time now. Fans of Destiny tune in each week to their favorite streamers and watch them take on some of the best players in the game as they still ponder what is to come with Destiny 2.

What some would like to see While every fan of Destiny try their best not to get overly excited and fall over with anticipation for the next addition to the franchise coming September 6th and the announcement of the first Pro Destiny team (team Rogue) on Twitter over the last weekend hopes are high this is promising for the franchise to take the next step in being a serious eSport. But some still think changes need to be made to make it more for the content consumer rather than the players themselves. Bungie would need to embrace the community by giving the tools Tournament holders need to better organize and produce quality content. Without “the show” eSports would be less attractive to the target audience and would make it harder to find investors or sponsors for the events as well as help contribute to the prize pools to attract eSport players. In an interview Bakken references Bungie’s previous success in eSports with Halo, but the developers are holding off with bringing Destiny 2 into that kind of environment unless it's something that the players are truly interested in the game going in that direction. Bakken was quoted in say “i think players choose where they want to spend their time and they like to choose and support the games that they love. If they decided Destiny is a space that they want to love and prop up in that way, then that's something we think we are interested in.” With the devs showings interests as well as the players of Destiny and the announcement on social media of the first Pro Destiny team it's only a matter of time before we are all tuning in to watch the best of the best play in a major eSport Destiny tournament drawing massive followings to Twitch and YouTube as well as other media outlets as we eagerly await champions to rise as well as future teams to come from orbit to take on these titans of the game franchise we all enjoy