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Weekly Reset September 19, 2016 Nightfall and Flashpoint area

photo courtesy of usgamer.net Nightfall: Exodus Crash This strike takes place on Nessus. When you land Fallen and Vex will be fighting in the landing area. Take a pike or spawn your sparrow and track the Fallen through Arc pulses til 100%. You will be met with Goblin's and Minotaur's, defeat all the enemy here and pass through the archway that opens after all the Vex are defeated here. Make your way down a large corridor to a open space with Overcharge Shanks, take them out and use your Ghost to scan the Fallen device on the pedestal. Then defend Ghost against a few waves of Fallen and a few Vex, and destroy the Overcharge Shanks first they can do the most damage to your Ghost if they get to close. photo courtesy of usgamer.net After you have defeated all the waves of enemies, head through the archway that is now open and follow another series of Arc pulses. Follow all the Arc pulses through Fallen and Vex forces. There will be a few tough Captains along the way and a Siege Minotaur, that will need to be taken out before the Fallen Walker drops. Heavy Pikes can be used to help take out the legs of the Walker quickly.

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The next part you will find yourself in a large dark room. This is a platforming section so try and jump as a group onto the platforms. Take out the Fallen enemy along the way and you will be facing a tunnel at the end of the platforms with a few Fallen troops. At the end will be the drop down into the boss fight arena for Thaviks, the Depraved.

photo courtesy of usgamer.net

During the encounter take out the Overcharge Shanks as you see them, as they can electrify the floor in certain places. Thaviks can summon reinforcements from either side of the arena, be sure to keep an eye open for incoming Fallen troops. Thaviks has a devastating melee attack up close, best approach would be to spread out some while dealing damage to him. When Thaviks is about half health he will turn invisible periodically, rushing you and your Fire-team with rapid melee attacks. Thaviks health is fairly bullet sponge worthy, but not terrible that he wont go down quickly after reaching half health.

Flashpoint: TitanTitan world map

The Flashpoint this week is on Titan. Do Heroic Public Events around the open world to spawn the Flashpoint encounter, for this weeks prestigious reward. Use fast travel points to make your way around the map quickly to reach the Public Events as they pop up. When you reach the Public Event, turn it into a Heroic Event. After a few Heroic Events the secret world boss will spawn, defeat them and claim your prize. Find out how to turn Public Events into Heroic Events here how to start all heroic events

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