Eyes up, Guardian! Go ahead and eat your Wheaties and do your stretches because it's going to be a multi-tasking kind of week as you hone your skills in the Iron Banner and work on your new weekly goals. It's all about Nessus this week so you can count on Failsafe to be helpful, but super unpleasant about it.

Here’s your non-Iron Banner reset activities for the week of October 10th – 16th.

Flashpoint: Nessus

Travel to Nessus to complete Public Events to complete your Flashpoint milestone. Remember to turn your Public Events into Heroic Public Events for a chance at better loot. Once the Flashpoint milestone is complete look for the world boss at the end of the next Heroic Public Event following milestone completion. If you don’t know how to activate Heroic Public Events, read this article by AvgJoe227 http://destinytracker.com/article/201/heroic-public-events-how-to-start-them

Flashpoint Reward: Powerful Engram

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Cayde-6 Treasure Maps: Nessus

Be sure to visit the Cayde unit and purchase the 5 treasure maps (4600 glimmer each) leading to Cayde’s special loot chests before taking off to Nessus to complete your Flashpoint milestone.

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Ikora’s Meditations:

  • Combustion: Hawthorne’s waiting on the cliffs above the salt mines. Help her get the word out: we rally at the Farm.
  • Chosen: the Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.
  • Hope: Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.

Meditations Reward: Reputation Bundle

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Call to Arms: Crucible

Win glory by participating in Crucible matches. It typically takes between 5-7 matches to complete the milestone depending on if you are solo queuing or playing with clan mates. Playing crucible matches will earn you progress towards your Call to Arms milestone and your Clan XP milestone at the same time.

Call to Arms Reward: Powerful Engram

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NightFall: The Inverted Spire (Nessus)

Cabal mining activity on Nessus has awoken a powerful Vex, Protheon. Go kill it! "Remember, it's not murder if it's robots."

Nightfall Modifiers:

  • Attrition – Health and shields regeneration is significantly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of light. Collect these to recharge your health and recharge your super.
  • Timewarp: Killing time – Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer, up to a limit

Nightfall Challenges:

  • Speed of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining
  • Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths
  • The Floor is Lava – As a fireteam, do not get hit by Protheon's fiery ground attack before defeating it

Nightfall Reward: Powerful Engram

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Raid: Leviathan

Board the Leviathan orbiting Nessus to defeat Calus, the Cabal Emperor. The first room this week is the Royal Baths.

Raid Challenges:

  • The Proving – Complete every trial Calus has set before you
  • The Labyrinth – Loot 3 of Calus’s gifts in the underbelly of the Leviathan

Here's the Leviathan Raid loot table

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Remember all progress on the Leviathan raid as well as keys are now reset. Clan XP goals are also reset as each player can earn a cap of 5000 XP per character for a powerful engram while the Clan as a whole is capped at 100,000 XP per week.

"The burden of the Iron Lords have been lifted, and the Guardians can once again march under a familiar Light. An Iron Banner." - Lord Saladin