This week at Bungie we revealed the next live event in Destiny.

So many players are curious about their next adventure. Before we can begin that conversation, we have a celebration to host. If you have a Guardian, you’re invited.

From the day your Ghost woke you to the moment you chose to read this blog yet again, much has happened. A journey that began in September 2014 has led to a new age of triumph and remembrance. Before we begin to write a new chapter together, Age of Triumph is a chance for every Guardian to document their story so far.

Our reveal stream has been archived if you missed it. If you saw it, roll on that last cinematic again. It’s a solid metaphor for how much the creators of this game have appreciated you lighting the way.

Summary of stream:

  • The culmination of your Destiny 1 adventure
  • Biggest Record Book Ever
  • 13 pages of documented accomplishments
  • Ways for every player to shine and be rewarded
  • A new set of weekly rituals that lead to maximum Light
  • Weekly Featured Raids with new challenges and ornaments
  • What was that about adding some mayhem to the Nightfall?
  • Next week (March 15th), Bungie are talking about the weekly rituals, and they'll play a Strike bathed in Light.

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    On the 22nd March, Bungie will be showing off rewards and talking about how they’ll impact the sandbox.
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    Age of Triumph goes live March 28th

    Age of Triumph FAQ

    Q: Will I receive credit on the Commemorations page of the Age of Triumph Record Book for participating in previous Destiny Releases if I’ve deleted a Character?

    Yes, but only on the same Account. The Commemorations Page of the Record Book will be the only page that references Account data. All other Triumph nodes within this Record Book will be Character based. As such, progress will be lost if it was previously made on a character that you’ve deleted prior to downloading Update 2.6.0.

    Q.Will I receive credit for participating in previous Destiny Releases if I’ve upgraded from a Legacy Console?

    Yes, but only if you successfully completed the Account Import process at the time of the upgrade. In that case, players who have migrated from a Legacy Console to a console within the same family will receive credit for participation in previous Destiny Releases on the new platform. Please Note the following: Account Data from Legacy Consoles will only be reflected within the same console family.

    Q.Will there be any increase to Vault Space?

    No. The following Collections added in previous Destiny Updates were the final storage solutions implemented for Destiny 1.

    Bungie Bounty

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  • Bungie Bounty: Gameplayrj
  • Region: Brazil
  • When: 11 AM Pacific 3/10/2017
  • Console: PS4
  • Playlist: Clash
  • Bonus Bungie Bounty: BRKsEDU
  • Region: Brazil
  • When: 4 PM Pacific 3/15/2017
  • Console: PS4
  • Playlist: Clash
  • The rules are simple: Match with one of this week’s targets during their two-hour streams. If you successfully match into their game and win, the Emblem is yours. It will be delivered to your Emblem Collection later in the week.