Iron Banner - 11th April - 18th April 2017

  • Begins: Tuesday, April 11, 10AM Pacific (6pm BST, 7pm CEST)
  • Ends: Tuesday, April 18, 2AM Pacific (10am BST, 11am CEST)
  • Gamemode: Control.

Remember to visit Efrideet to grab the bounties for Iron Banner rep before playing. You'll find her in the Iron Temple just across the bridge from where you spawn.


Auto Rifles: enter image description here

Unbent Tree: Rate of Fire- 100 Impact-2 Range-16 Stability-32 Reload-77

Recommend Perks; Column 1 - Iron Range Scope Column 2- Braced Frame, Perfect Balanced, Smallbore, Hammer Forged, Send it. Column 3- Lightweight, Single Point Sling, Quickdraw Column 4- Counterbalance, Rangefinder, Persistence, Hidden Hand

Shotguns: enter image description here

The Proud Spire: Rate of Fire- 35 Impact- 40 (18 per pellet, 216 total) Range- 13 Max Range 27

Recommended Perks for Max Range: Column 1- Linear Compensator Column 2- Reinforced Barrel/ Rifled Barrel Column 3- Quick Draw, Snapshot Column 4- Range Finder

Hunter Armor: enter image description here

Titan Armor: enter image description here

Warlock Armor: enter image description here

Thanks for reading, see you in the Crucible!

Article by: @HeyImSwat, DestinyTracker support staff and moderator.