Welcome, finally, to Destiny 2 Competitive Tournaments and League Play.

After many months and countless hours across a playerbase testing the game we have landed upon these preliminary rules for our events. It's important to know that everything is modifiable now and in the future.

The formula we dictate is designed to try and keep Destiny as Bungie made it, while creating an environment that is truly competitive in skill and strategy. Ultimately, not all can be pleased, however the viewer experience is equally important and something we will always be mindful of.

In the future we hope to discuss the ruleset more. At this time please take your friends with you into private matches and give our rules a solid 15-20 matches and see how it plays. We look forward to feedback quantified with data and rationale.

To discuss with us and many more please join us at http://www.discord.gg/dtrchampions

P.S. WOTs ( weekly open tournaments ) may return soon!

-TRN Esports Team