After grieving the loss of a cryptarch no one who is new to Destiny 2 knows and few remember fondly from Destiny 1, for the past 7 days, we have been ready to move forward and fulfill our obligation to track down and bring to justice the evil doer who has eliminated Master Ives from our ranks.

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BUT, before we go down this road too much further, I want us all to look at a few questions:

First, if ‘Ivie’ was alive all this time - after the pounding the awoken took at the hands of the Taken King - then why was he not available to cryptarch…

or do decryption…

or doo doo-cryption,

which coincidentally was all HE EVER DID FOR ME! His decryption was literally S%^T (ahem) that is to say, it was doo doo.

Second: I want to know, was Master Ives retired? Or was he on vacation on Risa? Maybe he was deep in the Prison of Elders hanging with his homey Prince Uldren, hmmm?

Just whose engrams has he been decrypting all this time? Inquiring minds want to know!

Also, there is something else that doesn’t add up. Something curious that my girl Amanda said last week which has haunted me these past 7 long days. She said, and I quote, “Cayde always said never let a trail go cold.” So, she then proceeds to send us out to begin an investigation which takes anywhere from a few seconds to mere minutes and next we all stand around staring at each other for a week wondering why we haven’t shoved a rocket launcher down the windpipe of whoever took out our new poster child for unsolved homicide; Master ‘Ivie.’

In addition, and this seems unusually suspicious to me, it appears that before the attack from the Red Legion happened, A.H. (aka Hugnkiss) was a stereotypical Midwest farmer’s daughter. You know, overalls and pigtails. After the attack and after she and Cayde fell into each other’s arms to cope with the drama of losing so many of their friends, Amanda appears in the tower looking like a Covergirl Sparrow Monkey (aka Sexy Shipwright). Doesn’t is seem strange that all of a sudden she significantly changes her appearance? Don’t get me wrong. She looks great… maybe a little too great. I mean, the Amanda I fell in love with was the strawberry blonde freckled tomboy who captured Cayde’s (and our) heart. But something big has changed. I think maybe Holliday has lost her marbles or crumbled her cookies (insert appropriate euphemism here). Maybe in her grief from the attack on the city and now Cayde’s recent death has pushed her to a painfully dark place. And maybe Ivie seeing his opportunity tried to ‘be there’ for her and rather than win her affection he lost something else instead. His life.

enter image description here

With all this to consider we now find ourselves at the beginning of a new week. The Festival of the Lost is now a fond memory of frights, horror stories and remembering those we lost. We are looking forward to what the future holds. And we are full of determination to find the killer of our friend (well maybe more like acquaintance) Master Ives.

This week it seems we are being sent on yet another wild Fallen Boss chase. Again we are sent off into dark holes to find lost sectors and take from our enemies. After we do this 3 or 4 times… all of a sudden what happens? You guessed it. The trail goes cold. I’m tellin’ ya Cayde is still with us as his words are still ringing in our collective ears. Why on earth (or any other planet for that matter) does Hugnkiss keep sending us on these inconsequential short uninspired “missions” (if they can even be called that?)

I think I can tell you why. Amanda has finally gone completely mental and her grief is now pouring out in the most sinister of ways. Answer me this question: If you had committed murder would it be easier to cover it up if you ran the investigation and continuously sent your primary investigators away on distracting time wasting activities so you could hide your tracks and dispose of evidence? Think about it.

I fear that maybe the most terrifying part of this whole investigation is not that a murder has happened close to home but that it is likely one of our own and one whom we will struggle to pass judgement on.

But what I am MOST afraid of is the sobering reality that this week, although we made some forward progress by finding a cloak, we have been given yet another engram, one which seems to be a prime ‘murder’ engram. But as was the case last week we remain unable to decipher it.

Until next lunar cycle, i’ll be scratching my head along with the rest of you.

MickGee out!

P.S. Thanks to all the Titans who amped up security for our surviving cryptarchs this past week. No attempts were made on either Master Rahool or Tyra Karn. We think this is clearly because it would be stupid to challenge the defenders of the city and champions of the six fronts.