Destiny 2's difficult to collect Enhancement Cores, first introduced in the Warmind expansion, are set for some major changes in the upcoming Season of Opulence, Bungie has confirmed in their weekly update.

Since Bungie released the newfangled currency system alongside the Warmind content drop in May of last year, many Guardians have voiced their concerns over the inaccessible nature of the Cores in Scrapper bounties. Due to the randomness of the drops, and the fact that the Enhancement Cores were low-yield in these bounties, many saw the system as rewarding, but overall fairly inconsistent in what it offered upon completion.

One user on Reddit, /u/TheeKingSalty, certainly lived up to his screen-name when he addressed the previous changes to Masterwork Cores, dubbing them "stupid fluff".

"I'm a more hardcore player, and play roughly 8 to 10 hours straight a day, sometimes even more," the Reddit user said. "Masterwork Cores are stupid fluff added to the game to make you feel like the progression you made on upgrading items is meaningful."

"It's bad enough to have to spend Legendary Shards, Glimmer and more random resources (mostly Alkane Dust) to upgrade, but then you need cores too? What's the difference really?"

In response to criticism's like that across social media, Destiny community manager Cozmo confirmed in This Week at Bungie that Scrapper bounties would be removed entirely. In their place, the Last City's resident gunsmith Banshee-44 will offer similar bounties beginning in the new season.

Banshee-44 has become the figurehead of the new Enhancement Cores, due to stock bounties related to the rare currency.

Players will be able to purchase both daily and weekly bounties, with these new bounties costing Gunsmith Materials like most other purchases from Banshee-44. Alongside the ease of access for these bounties, Bungie revealed Guardians would get a guaranteed Enhancement Core for every bounty they completed for the Tower's weapon-obsessed Exo.

Due to the fact that Bungie added Enhancement Cores into the mix of the Infusion process, many Guardians have used up their limited resources, and the development team has realized people enjoy leveling up their old gear more than expected.

"Scrapper Bounties previously dropped randomly when dismantling gear. There was no reliable way to earn Enhancement Cores using these bounties, and we didn’t feel they were providing enough materials," Cozmo said in the TWAB release.

"We will be deprecating these bounties at the start of Season 7. Also note any unfinished Scrapper Bounties still in your inventory when the new season begins can still be completed before their natural expiration.

"In their place, the Gunsmith will now offer a selection of daily and weekly bounties that can be purchased for Gunsmith Materials. As with the Scrapper Bounties, each of these will include, among other things, an Enhancement Core as a reward when completed."

Now the only real question is did you churn all your Gunsmith Materials through Banshee-44's inventory for a shot at some cool Legendary weapons? If so, you may have a grind on your hands once again to buy the shiny new Enhancement Core bounties!

That said, the Season of Opulence is expected to drop in early June, so you certainly have some time to get out planetside and smash your way through some enemies for those materials between now and then.