Destiny Hotfix released today, Jan. 17th 2017, and the Daily Star reports the following are to be fixed:

"1. Some Patrol missions in the Plaguelands are not reliably causing enemies to drop their respective objective items 2. Xûr’s “Curio” inventory varies on a weekly basis, due to a limitation of his inventory space 3. Weapon Stability on the Nova Mortis and Abbadon Exotic Machine Guns is inconsistent"

There's also reports on the internet here, here, and here that suggest Destiny 2 (which is confirmed for a 2017 release) will feature a vastly improved storyline. Bungie is reportedly hiring several narrative director positions giving rise to rumors that along with major storyline updates with each expansion release, Destiny 2 might also have small, continual storyline updates between the large releases. In any case, we're looking forward to the release of Destiny 2