People love having stuff, both in-game and in the real world, that no one else has. That's just a fact. Not only does it make players feel better about their achievements, but it's a presentable object that basically screams "I've done something better than you," even if it's only inside your own head.

Of course, that directly translates into people loving rare and hard-to-find collectables in Bungie's Destiny 2. Strong rolls on weapons that are powerful in Strikes and Raids, or in the player-vs-player Crucible arena, are obvious ones. Sweet looking armour, or equipment that power-ups your Guardian is another. But everyone loves snagging that sweet emblem that shows off, right on the title of your profile, how bloody good you are at this game.

There are some emblems that crop up a lot in the world of Destiny. Emblems that track kills, KDA, and achievements in the Crucible are very popular. After all, who doesn't like showing off how many pub-stomps they've cracked in to in their careers? Completed Raids are another basic one, while group allegiances crop up from time to time. In a similar vein, the Weekly Nightfall emblem is a majorly popular emblem that many shows as one of the crowning achieves if you are a player-vs-environment focused Guardian in Destiny 2.

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It stands to reason that an emblem titled "After the Nightfall" would be a much sort-after collectible. What makes it even rarer, however, is the fact that less than half a dozen people in the entire world have the emblem in their inventory.

That's not many Guardians. More than 14 million players have been tracked to have played Destiny 2 since it's release 2017. According to Destiny Tracker information, 353.8k players battled it out in the Crucible across three consoles on May 1. Another 432.3K fought their way through Strikes, Nightfalls, and Raids.

If around 785,800 (estimated) players turned on Destiny 2 yesterday and battled against other Guardians or the enemies of the game, then there's 785,795 that don't have this rare emblem. Five of those lucky souls do.

So what does this mean?

Well, basically, there's Guardians that want that very, very small number of five to go way up. They want to crack the riddle of the emblem and find out how they can score that sweet colourful object that shows that they've learned everything there is to learn about Nightfalls and the PvE world.

Funnily enough, popular Destiny streamer Ninjjy is one of those five, and he's told the public he's been sworn to secrecy about how he got the emblem. Bungie is keeping a tight lid on how to score the "After the Nightfall" collectable, and it's made it all the more enticing for curious Guardians.

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One avid reader of Destiny secrets believe they've cracked the recipe. "It's obtained after completing all the Nightfall challenges, the specific triumph challenges," they said.

That makes sense, and it's fairly simple. Finish the Nightfall challenges and you'd get an "after" type emblem. Only, Ninjjy already has the emblem, and he hasn't finished the Forsaken's newest strike, The Corrupted. It's currently glitched, meaning there's no way that Nightfall could have been completed by anyone to score the emblem.

Another wily Guardian seems to believe it's not team based at all, but rather each person gathering it on their lonesome.

"So after a Nightfall, there's a timer, chest, and rewards. The fact only five people have it means it's not a fireteam thing, but an individual action, otherwise it'd be awarded in sets," Marina said. "The emblem doesn't allude to any specific Nightfall being key, so presumably it can be obtained in any of them, or it's a culmination of different triggers in a bunch of Nightfalls.

"Based on the wording of the emblem, I'm assuming it has something to do with Nightfall-specific rewards, as that's the only tangible thing you can interact with "after the nightfall". Maybe equipping the emblem and Nightfall exclusive drop before it ends would trigger it.

"Unfortunately, that isn't likely because it's possible to have all other emblems and not have this one. I'm stumped. My first thought would be a 'wipe with extinguish active after you get the mission complete screen', but again that would be a team effort and doesn't make sense."

The emblem clearly has even the smartest secret-solvers among us stumped. Perhaps once The Corrupted ceases to be glitched the puzzle will be solved by the easiest of factors - a gated moment in the secret that has forced everyone to look beyond.

Or maybe, the resolution is waiting just around the corner. Can you crack the mystery, and score that sixth rare emblem?