Just hours after the release of the Season of Opulence, avid Guardians have datamined a host of new information about the game. Alongside information about new weapons, locations, and gamemodes, one stood out beyond the rest: Destiny will be returning to The Moon.

The new leaks, which have been confirmed as legitimate information over the past few hours, confirm the series' next expansion will be titled Shadowkeep. The mysterious new content will take players back to The Moon, a popular Destiny location that was removed in the sequel in favour of new planets and locations across the Solar System.

According to sources, Bungie plans to officially reveal Shadowkeep during their upcoming Thursday livestream, which they promised would "reveal the next chapter" of the series. Now we know ahead of time the company is planning to take Guardians back to one of their favourite locales, and reveal the dark history of one of the Fallen's most powerful minions - Wizards.

The leaked image, which tells players they will be returning to Earth's moon to face "terrifying shadows," was allegedly supposed to be revealed as a log-in title card after the Thursday release. It also suggests players will "descend into a mysterious enemy citadel," and become a "slayer of nightmares."

The image claims that players will return to the Earth’s moon to take on “terrifying shadows.” Players will “descend into a mysterious enemy citadel” and become a “slayer of nightmares.” One can only imagine "nightmares" in this scenario are either powerful Fallen enemies or more likely just The Hive, who were first revealed to the Destiny world on the Moon in the first title release.

The Season of Opulence data mine also revealed that Shadowkeep will be released on a level similar to Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny: Forsaken. The newest expansion, expected later this year, will have a collectors edition released digitally and at storefronts. It's an interesting development, because the first game's final release of its three-year cycle, Rise of Iron, was a small expansion with no physical release, which points to Shadowkeep being a major addition.

Tune in to Bungie's livestream on Thursday, June 6, for official confirmation that Shadowkeep, and everything that's coming with the new expansion, is on the horizon.