Hours after the release of Destiny's newest content drop, the Season of Opulence, fireteams and clans have begun their quest to be the first team to finish the latest Raid - 'Crown of Sorrows.'

Destiny streaming personalities like Gladd, KingGothalion, Datto, and Gigz are all streaming their Raid attempts, with the World's First race boosting the title to more than 125,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch.tv. ProfessorBroman, Sweatcicle, Teawrex, and Slayerage have also joined the hunt for that elusive World's First belt on offer for the new Raid.

What makes World's First races really cool is that game developers Bungie drop what they're doing to watch the world's best Destiny players attempt their Raid for the very first time. Each time the content is released, the developers set up a cinema screen with multiple stream services on-screen, and settle in to see how long it's going to take Guardians to crack their stories and adventures.

"Let the race for Crown of Sorrow World First begin," Bungie announced when the Raid went live on Tuesday evening. "Good luck, fireteams."

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This Raid race has an even more interesting factor for teams looking to make history in Destiny.

New restrictions have been added for the Crown of Sorrows Raid. Specifically, teams will not be able to over-level the content and will have their power levels locked at certain thresholds to ensure "a fair but competitive environment" for the Worlds First race.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith revealed in the announcement that the changes come due to the major event that Worlds Firsts have become over the years in Destiny. When Raids were first being released, Bungie assumed a few determined Guardians would race to finish it first, but it would mostly be ignored by players who were just interested in tracking through all the new expansion content.

"When we were building Vault of Glass in 2013, the notion that our raids would launch a competition around Worlds First in Destiny was only a dream," Smith explained. "We certainly didn't imagine we'd have the opportunity to make a sweet championship belt, and jackets, for champions and competitors.

"It's been an incredible multi-year run - bosses have fallen off ledges, sword bearers have been clutch, giant foes have created jaw-dropping moments, and the list could go on and on. With Crown of Sorrow, we hope to add more memories to your time in Destiny's Raids."

Bungie is hoping their tweaked changes ahead of the new Raid release, alongside the new competitive gamemode titled "Contest," will create a "watchable and fair World First race."

If you want to watch along with the world's best Raid-players, tune in to the Destiny 2 streaming platform on Twitch.tv now: twitch.tv/Destiny.