Carolina and his clan Be Bold have become the first fireteam in the world to finish the Season of Opulence Raid 'Crown of Sorrows'. The World's First fireteam was made up of Akada, BigBadDave7, Esoterickk, Punz, WNxDeilirium, and of course Carolina.

"Thank you guys so fucking much, we did it. Let's fucking go," Carolinagamer99 said while he and his fireteam were celebrating their achievement.

"I'm sweating right now boys."

While Be Bold was celebrating, popular streamer Datto and his clan Math Class were just minutes away from finishing. One of the favourites to take out the World's First, Math Class had lagged behind in the opening two stages before overtaking race leaders Redeem late in the battle against Gahlran during the final encounter.

It wasn't enough for Datto and his fireteam, however, as the clan know around the Destiny world as the theorycrafters and meta-breakers of the scene finished off Gahlran just over five minutes late. It was a cruel blow for the fireteam that thought they had just achieved a World's First, but even crueller was the weapon and emblem drop they earned for the win.

The exotic 'Tarrabah', granted to those that had completed the World's First, dropped for Math Class. For all in the fireteam, they assumed it meant they had won, and cheers erupted across Datto's stream. They soon realised they had missed it, as chat exploded with news of Carolina and Be Bold's triumphs.

They had been just six minutes late.

"I'm emo," Datto said immediately after discovering they had placed second despite earning the Tarrabah drop. "I'm sad because I thought my team got World First, but we didn't. We all got the weapon, which is what happens when you get first.

"Second place is still a really good result, but after thinking you got first place, it's a kick in the nuts. Good game regardless."

This marks the second time Match Class have been just minutes late to a Raid challenge. While attempting the Last Wish Raid, Datto and his squad missed the 24-hour window - the timed challenge set for an exclusive emblem - by just two minutes.

In the most recent race, Math Class placed second behind Be Bold, while two Redeem Clan teams took the third and fourth places in Bungie's Crown of Sorrows World's First.

The primary Redeem team, led by Gladd, held the lead for a time before becoming stuck on the Gahlran challenge at the end. While trying to figure out how to unlock the DPS-stage of the encounter, Redeem made the call to change out their weapons, pause and discuss the encounter, and infuse some of their gun choices to higher levels.

While it seems like it didn't cost them in the end, the momentum they lost on it saw both Math Class and Be Bold takeover, and eventually secure places above Redeem.

Be Bold's victory in the World First race also marks the fifth time a different team has claimed the honours. First The Legend Himself Clan claimed the Leviathan first place before a clanless fireteam made up of TryHardJoe, bran, MikeE, Edwardc4, Meowlight, and SpRokIts24 made history in Eater of Worlds. Finally, Redeem claimed Spire of Stars and the epic 19-hour Last Wish marathon race, while Tier1 rounded out the honours list with their Scourge of the Past win.