Bungie has been dropping truth-bombs about Destiny and the franchise's future for the past few weeks, so it seems only fitting that now they've literally dropped 'Truth', the Destiny 1 exotic rocket launcher that fires homing missiles at anything that moves.

That's right, the PVP-focused launcher is back, complete with the Prototype Trueseeker perk that made it such a dangerous weapon in the first game. It's also come back fully equipped with Horseshoe and Grenade perks, meaning its rockets will detonate in proximity rather than impact.

Settle in though Guardian, because you've got a damn long grind ahead of you if you want to get your gloved-hands on this bad boy.

Step 1: Play through a Menagerie run

To get the Truth quest to drop, you have to find an Awoken script. Play through a Menagerie run, and open the final chest there to get the quest-tied script.

Step 2: Speak to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City

Take the script to Petra Venj, and she'll give you the first major step in the Truth quest.

Step 3: Finish one of Petra's Ascendant challenge bounties

Once you've got the Ascendent bounty from Petra, you're going to have to complete it. This week, it's the Agonarch Abyss, the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in the Dreaming City. Once you've finished that Lost Sector, you'll be given a broken map.

Step 4: Fix the broken map you claimed

This is the grind that takes forever. Once you have the broken map, you have to find the four pieces to put it back together, and they're not exactly easy to find.

- Map Piece 1

This first piece is available on Nessus. Gain ascendancy through a Tincture of Queensfoil, head to the Cistern and jump onto the now-revealed platforms next to the Radiolarian Fluid (the white stuff). There's the map piece.

To decode the map piece, you need to turn in a Corsair Badge down in the Dreaming City. Kill Skorn until it drops a Corsair Down item. Look at the item to get a hint where you need to go. When you find the Corsair, a powerful Skorn enemy will appear. Kill it to complete the badge.

Take the completed badge to the Corsair in Divalian Mists. She’s in a cave behind the pulsing tower. You’ll complete your map bounty and earn a piece.

- Piece 2

Increase your power handicap to 100, equip a rocket launcher, turn on heavyweight, and run a Nightfall with some friends. You’ll need to get 60 rocket kills and you need to complete three Nightfalls.

- Piece 3

Go to Nessus and take a Tincture of Queensfoil. You need to kill 50 enemies with rocket launchers while Ascendant. Getting multiple kills with one rocket gives bonus progress. If you need additional ammo, try and rally at a public event flag.

- Piece 4

You need to kill 100 Hive in the Tangled Shore. We recommend you run the Wolfship Turbine Lost Sector in Sorik’s Cut. Kill them with whatever weapons you want.

Step 6: Run the 'The Warden of Nothing' strike

Now you just have to do The Warden of Nothing strike. At the end of the strike is an ascendant chest, accessible through four hidden platforms. Crack another Tincture of Queensfoil and you'll be well on your way. Once you've chugged down that 'foil, keep an eye out for four rotating orbs. Shoot these, and the platforms will appear.

Once all four buttons have been activated, finished the striker per usual. Once the boss is dead, a new platform will appear. Follow that, and you'll reach a Dreaming City-styled chest. Inside is the exotic rocket launcher you've been chasing - Truth.