The Lord of Wolves, an exotic shotgun that has long been a powerhouse in the player-vs-environment playlists, has been overbuffed in its most recent stat tweaks, a number of content creators and players are saying.

The shotgun was recently slapped with a 20 percent reduction to enemies in the Season of Opulence, but got a small buff to attempt to balance its weakened state heading into the new content. The Release the Wolves perk was semi-reworked, from additional bullets being fired after a confirmed kill, to a toggleable option to save ammo.

As it turns out, that choice to save ammo and less you want to pepper your enemy with shotgun pellets is pretty busted, and voices all across the Destiny community feel the same.

"This gun is absolutely busted," YouTube content publisher Aztecross Gaming said as he called for the Lord of Wolves shotgun to be nerfed.

"I was playing some Rumble and I came across a player using Lord of Wolves. I had a new Raid shotgun, and felt pretty confident in my loadout, until this guy absolutely shit on me. Every time I pushed on this player, he destroyed me, so I had to go get it out of my vault.

"I normally promote these kind of strong weapons, because they're fun to use and give an advantage, but I do not promote this weapon in any way. I hope Bungie nerfs this gun as soon as possible, because that is how broken this gun is."

The problem that has arisen is that in Crucible and other player-vs-player modes, the ability to crank out these extra bullets at will means anything just gets obliterated in front of you. Combined with the long-range nature of the LOW, Guardians are getting demolished from more than 20 metres away, and not being able to fight back against the power of the Wolves.

When the changes dropped in Sandbox 2.5.01, Bungie was trying to balance Lord of Wolves so that it wouldn't take over PvP. Instead, they've created a competitive monster, and they know it.

"The team is currently looking at Lord of Wolves and the recent tuning," Bungie community manager Dylan "dmg04" Gafner revealed on Twitter earlier today. "When we have more info, we'll let you know. Until then, release the wolves accordingly."

For now, it's a waiting game. If you don't have Lord of Wolves, maybe don't head into Crucible if you want to remain at all competitive. If you do - I guess it's time to Release the Wolves.