Bungie has again pledged their allegiance under the rainbow flag of Pride Month, and LGBTQIA+ support, with the company offering a colour-emblazoned pin, as well as in-game banners, and donations from the pin sales going to the It Gets Better Project.

Pride Month has long been a supported issue from Bungie. Even before the commitment from the company too, developers have aimed to give the LGBTQIA+ community better representation in their science-fiction world - one of the game's key characters, EDZ rifleman Devrim Kay (pictured in article topper) is gay and talks about his male partner with the player.

The month also holds a special place in many at Bungie's hearts, according to Bungie Diversity Committee head and core game designer Jayce Diaz.

“For me, Pride means being able to be visible to someone who needs representation (even when they may not realize it), as opposed to how it used to be where visibility only meant being a target," Diaz said.

"While we celebrate this month, it’s vital that we stay centred on what Pride is truly about; the equal rights and representation of the LGBTQIA+ community, People who deserve to be celebrated and recognized for their role in making our community as amazing as it is."

Bungie has also revealed that alongside the in-game banner, and the pin, Bungie would continue its tradition of marching in the Seattle Pride Parade as an official sponsor. This year, there will also be more game development studios involvement, as Bungie leads a "united game industry alliance" for the cause.

If you want to support Bungie's cause too, the Pride Pin is available for sale on the Bungie Store. It's currently priced at $14.99, with all profits from sales heading to the It Gets Better Project.