New leaks have revealed fan-favourite exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju could be returning to the Destiny franchise in the Season of Opulence, with data-mined information uncovered earlier this week backing up the claims.

If true, Guardians across the solar system will be celebrating. Bad Juju was considered one of the best pulse rifles available in the original Destiny release, mainly because of it's 'String of Curses' special ability.

The added bonus on the weapon would cause player damage and super recharge rates to spike dramatically after a kill, meaning if you got on a roll with the dangerous rifle you could be nigh-unstoppable in Crucible and PvE events.

According to Reddit user Sacrificatio, who popped up during the planned 12-hour downtime for the game earlier today, the data-mined information directly correlates with leaks they had heard from someone at Bungie.

"Bad Juju will be obtainable during the Season of Opulence at a later date," Sacrificatio said in their confirmation post. "It is the activity reward for completing an upcoming mission titled "The Other Side"."

"This mission returns the Guardian to the Leviathan as they journey into the ascendant plane. The plot of the mission will extend upon The Dreaming City storyline from Forsaken, similarly to how The Whisper extended upon the Warmind storyline."

According to the leaks, the new Bad Juju mission will operate similarly to old exotic missions like Zero Hour and The Whisper. This time around, however, there will be no timer. Instead, the challenging trial will have Shattered Throne-like difficulties to overcome.

However, the leaker on social media also didn't supply their source, which is fair enough, but suggested it may not exactly be truthful: "I will not waste time providing details about a source in an attempt to prove the validity of this leak, as I cannot reveal any information about the source to protect their privacy. Believe it as you see fit."

There's no reason not to believe though. Each new season has seen Bungie bring back a fan-favourite weapon from the franchise, so some form of the Bad Juju returning this time around would make complete sense.

We've already seen Thorn, The Last Word, Queenbreaker's Bow, Sleeper Simulant, and the Outbreak Prime find their way back into the series, and Bad Juju may just be the next up on the list of returning weapons Bungie is ticking off on a list.

The Season of Opulence is Destiny's currently running season.