There's a new weapon coming in the Season of Opulence, and it's like nothing we've ever seen before. Named 'Lumina', the master-worked handcannon looks beautiful. Beyond that, however, it also brings a new style of gameplay to Destiny - one that's very new, and very exciting.

The new exotic is a 'support weapon'. It fires "noble rounds", which provide heals and buffs for allies. Basically, it lets a Guardian take the role of "support" in Raids, Strikes, and other PvE events, and make sure that the best and brightest in their fireteam is well-shielded and strong.

This is the first time Bungie has ever released something of this nature, and it's really exciting. For a long, long time MMORPGs like World of Warcraft have boasted these 'support roles' for major PvE environments. Even in standard RPG games, the healer class is both vital, and strong, if a little overlooked by those that prefer to be big, beefy front-liners.

Now it looks like Bungie is heading in the RPG direction with this new weapon, and it opens up so many exciting new possibilities about where they're going to take both the game, and the specific Raid and Strike environments that for so long have simply been 'Go here, shoot that, wait here, kill boss, win'. With support-styled weapons and equipment, new challenges may arise that need more teamwork than ever before.

That's not to say that Destiny hasn't had support-like abilities in the game before. Special powers like shields, tethers, and rifts all do similar things to clerics and healers in RPGs, but they were always a side note to just shooting the biggest gun that you have at the boss.

Now a healer class choice for full-stack Raids may be on the horizon. There's already DPS-focused styles to take into Raids, but now we could have healers, tanks, and other role-based Guardians appearing in the future of the game.

All of this ties well into the fact that Bungie has said they want to lean heavily into RPG elements from the release of Shadowkeep on. The only question now is 'what?', not 'if'. It's exciting, unknown, and certainly breathes new life into the franchise we know and love.

The Lumina quest drops early this week, from Tuesday July 2.