Destiny: Shadowkeep is set to be more similar in size to Destiny 1's Rise of Iron expansion than the recently released Forsaken expansion, franchise director Luke Smith and general manager Mark Noseworthy have revealed.

The creative duo spilled the beans on a lot of Shadowkeep's scope and size in a pre-release interview with Polygon earlier this week. In the discussion, they spoke about bringing back an old world from the original title, and what it means for the player base going forwards.

“Forsaken was a huge expansion pack for Destiny 2,” Noseworthy said of the potential size of the Moon-based Shadowkeep expansion. “In terms of what we’re able to build this year, it’s more much in scope with a Rise of Iron or Rise of Iron Plus.”

The duo also touched on the return of planets from the original Destiny, an option that is now clearly very much open with the return of the fan-favourite Moon space: "Destiny 2 is a huge game," Noseworthy said.

"We mean in terms of the scope of the game, that complexity, but also just the amount of space we take on people’s hard drives. The game can’t really just grow the game infinitely, forever."

That may shutdown any ideas that Destiny is going to add back more popular locations from the game. One major problem, the developers revealed, is that Forsaken's launch already jacked the title up to over 100GB on PlayStation 4 - a console that only boasts around 500GB space total.

Don't despair though. We're already getting a return to the Moon, and with the addition of the Dreaming City in the Forsaken expansion we've already got plenty of new spaces to re-explore, and settle in to. Plus there's always time to swing by the EDZ and have another crack at Devrim Kay's missions, right?

Shadowkeep releases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 17, 2019.