The second annual Solstice of Heroes event has been confirmed by Bungie this week and is set to bring new armour upgrades, activities, and powerful and wild elemental buffs in PvE and PvP playlists like Crucible and Gambit.

Solstice is Destiny’s summertime holiday and celebrates the past year of Destiny 2. This year the in-game carnival will be hosted from July 30 to August 27.

Bungie has revealed they plan to feature a different elemental on the big stage each day, rotating between Arc, Void, and Solar. Earning eliminations with elemental attacks adds powerful Elemental Orbs to your inventory. They can be used to upgrade your armour pieces.

After picking up 30 Elemental Orbs, players will earn a new buff based: Solar buffs give Guardians the ability to burn nearby enemies, Void grants Truesight, increases ability regeneration, and gives Guardians the ability to turn invisible through crouching, and Arc increases Guardian movement speed and melee damage (including swords).

These buffs expire when a player dies or after a short period of time. They’ll be active in all activities except for Competitive Crucible and Gambit Prime.

As well as the usual celebrations, this year's Solstice brings a new activity called the European Aerial Zone. This new matchmade playlist will see three players can battle Hive, Cabal, or Fallen foes. Players will hunt minibosses throughout the new space, killing as many as they can in the time allotted. When the time expires, players will take on a final boss.

After defeating the big boss, players can explore the EAZ to grab the treasure. The more bosses Guardians defeated in the trials, the sweeter the rewards. There can be rare and legendary armours, enhancement cores, and a boost of planetary materials - perhaps added to mitigate the AFK-farming that has arisen recently.

With Solstice of Heroes, players can also earn the final two Moments of Triumph. Bungie also confirmed they would be making Gambit accessible to all for the duration of the Solistice event.