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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: March 24 – The Insight Terminus Nightfall, Nessus Flashpoint, more

Vanguard Singe - Void

Nightfall - The Insight Terminus

Nightfall Exclusive Item - ‘Tilt Fuse’ Exotic Sparrow



  • Scorched Earth - Enemies throw grenades significantly more often


  • Adept Modifiers
  • Champions: Unstoppable - This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.
  • Champions: Barrier - This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.
  • Champions: Cabal  -  This mode contains both Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Unstoppable mod, respectively.
  • Hero Modifiers  - Extra Shields
  • Zahn’s Stratagem - Solar damage and incoming Airborne damage is increased.


  • Hero and Adept Modifiers
  • Equipment Locked  -  You will be unable to change your equipment  once the activity starts
  • Match Game  -  Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  • Legend  Modifiers - Locked Loadout, Match Game and Extra Shields


  • Adept, Hero and Legend Modifiers
  • Togetherness - Base health regen is reduced. If near another player, health regen is increased
  • Champions: Mob - This mode contains additional Champions

Rewards: Powerful (Tier 1) reward - Get 5 points by completing runs. Higher difficulties grant more points; Pinnacle reward - Get a score of 100k.

Legacy Nightfalls

  • Tree of Probabilities - “Contain a rampant army of Red Legion with the Infinite Forest”
    • Exclusive Item - ‘D.F.A’ Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • The Insight Terminus - “Break into the ancient Vex installation.”
    • Exclusive Item - ‘The Long Goodbye’ Arc Sniper Rifle
  • The Hollowed Lair - “The Fanatic has returned. Take him down and finish the job you started”
    • Exclusive Item - ‘Mindbender’s Ambition’ Solar Shotgun

Flashpoint - Nessus

Complete Public Events, Lost Sectors and Heroic Adventures around the planetoid Nessus to progress.

Weekly Crucible Playlists


  • 6v6
  • Defeat enemies and secure the Crests they drop to gain points.
  • Deny the enemy their points by recovering teammates' crests.
  • First team to 50 Crests collected, or the team with the most collected once the timer reaches 0, wins the match.


  • 4v4.
  • Best of 5 Round format.
  • Score limit of 10 kills per round.
  • Revives enabled.
  • Reviving a teammate before they auto-respawn will take the point back from the enemy that was scored.
  • If the match is tied 2-2 rounds, a special 5th round will start where each player only has 1 life. Knock out the enemy players to win the match.

Iron Banner

  • Limited time mode
  • 6v6
  • Similar to Control. When 3 zones are captured by a team the zones are locked for 30 seconds.
  • Earn tokens and complete the Iron Banner quest to earn exclusive weapons and armor

Dreaming City Curse

Greater - The Dreaming City is currently in stage 3 of its ongoing curse.

Raid Challenges

Garden of Salvation

  • Leftovers - Complete the Consecrated Mind encounter without killing any Cyclops that spawn in the Harpy boss’s presence. Cyclops that spawn in other areas, and during the final sprint, can be killed.

Scourge of the Past

  • To Each Their Own (Insurrection Prime) - A Guardian may not shoot and break more than one shield generator per phase.

Last Wish

  • Strength in Memory  (Riven) - Guardians must not shoot the same eye twice.


  • The Pleasure Gardens - Relic Holders may only shoot one plant per phase
  • Rotation:
    • The Royal Pools
    • The Pleasure Gardens
    • The Gauntlet
    • The Throne Room

Escalation Protocol: Naksud, The Famine

This large Ogre can be damaged at any time but will continually spawn Cursed Thrall which will sprint towards Naksud. These Thrall will explode when close enough to Naksud, healing him in the process. To kill Naksud, continually damage him while destroying the Thrall before they can reach the Ogre.

Possible Drops

  • Solar Sniper Rifle ‘IKELOS_SR_V1.0.1’
  • Arc Submachine Gun ‘IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1’
  • Solar Shotgun ‘IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1’

The Menagerie: Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

Heroic Mode Active Modifiers

  • Extinguish - If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to Orbit.
  • Iron - Enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage.
  • Blackout - Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.
  • Void Singe - Void damage increases slightly from all sources

Possible Drops

  • Legendary Sword for each Class
    • Death’s Razor for Warlocks
    • Goldtusk for Hunters
    • Throne-Cleaver for Titans
  • The Emperor’s Chosen Ship
  • Masterworked Item created by Chalice
  • Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst if Chalice fully upgraded.

The Reckoning: Likeness of Oryx

Active Modifiers

  • Solar Singe - Solar damage increased slightly from all sources.
  • Brawler - Melee abilities deal more damage and recharge must faster

Possible Drops

  • Kinetic Hand Cannon ‘Spare Rations’
  • Solar Submachine Gun ‘Bug-out Bag’
  • Solar Pulse Rifle ‘Outlast’
  • Void Auto Rifle ‘Gnawing Hunger’ (Tier 3 Only)
  • Arc Grenade Launcher ‘Doomsday’ (Tier 3 Only)


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