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How to unlock and complete Shadowkeep's new game mode Vex Offensive

The Season of the Undying’s newest piece of content called ‘Vex Offensive’ has been released alongside the ‘Garden of Salvation’ Raid. In response to the Guardian’s assault on The Black Garden within the new raid, the Vex have staged a mass exodus from the Garden and have begun teleporting across space and time to assault key points locations on the Moon.

Vex Offensive is a new 6-player matchmade activity, akin to the Menagerie from Season of Opulence, that has a full fireteam of Guardians venturing back into The Black Garden to neutralize the portals responsible for the outpouring of Vex machines. This new mode is not instantly unlocked upon release however, instead a short quest is required to be completed before the Guardians are given permission to enter the Black Garden. This quest - “Eyes on the Moon” - is obtained from Ikora in the Tower after the first Shadowkeep mission.

The new quest requires 100 Vex kills and three Gatelord kills. The first objective of 100 Vex kills is simple enough and can easily be completed alongside the slightly more time-consuming objective of three Gatelord kills. Travel to the Moon and find a Public Event in either the Hellmouth, Archer’s Line or Anchor of Light. Either complete the Public Event or wait for it to time out and after a short time a Vex Invasion event will occur. This event is caused by a large portal opening in the sky with many Vex being teleported through from The Black Garden. Kill all the Vex you see and soon a large Vex Minotaur known as a Gatelord will appear along with several Vex Hydras.

To ensure the event progresses through its four stages you must kill the Hydras before the Gatelord. Once this is done more Vex will spawn along with an additional Gatelord and more Hydras, repeat the process of killing the Hydras then the Gatelord until all three Gatelords have been destroyed.

Even though the quest is now completed there is still one more stage of the Vex Invasion that should be completed as it rewards Powerful gear and a chance at the new Vex Offensive weapons. Once the three Gatelords have been killed a large Hydra will spawn known as an Overlord. There are no complicated mechanics to this fight, simply damage the boss as much as you can while trying to manage the numerous Vex Goblins and Hobgoblins that will continually teleport in during the fight.

Once the Overlord is dead, collect your loot and head over to Eris Morn to unlock access to Vex Offensive which is found on the bottom left corner of the Moon map.


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