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Destiny Tracker Elo

Elo Tiers (Updated Oct 13, 2021)

  • Legend - 2800,  Top 500 get a special image ranking.
  • Diamond - 2000, 2200, 2500
  • Platinum - 1600, 1700, 1850
  • Gold - 1300, 1400, 1500
  • Silver - 1000, 1100, 1200
  • Bronze - All Others

Destiny Tracker provides Elo ratings for every destiny player who plays PvP or Gambit.  The process is simply, we go match by match, per playlist, and process each match and use Elo.  That said - Elo was created for Chess, a 1v1 game, to track a players rating and predict who would win betwen two players.  We have modified this formula to work for team based matches. That's not the only modification though - We've made other changes to reward players who do better in the match.  

The primary indicator of whether you gain or lose Elo though is if you won or not.  As you win, your Elo gains will go up, however, who you won/lost against matters.  If you beat a team that you were predicted to beat anyway, that means your Elo is pretty accurate, and your gain will be minimal.  If you you win when you were expected to lose, look out, you'll be gaining a lot of Elo! 

Elo's primary goal is to be an accurate system of skill - Not a progression system.  We've analyzed our databse of players and found that we can very accurately predict who is going to win a match.  It is our opinion that our Elo system is the most accurate measure of skill in Destiny 2.

The first match you play of a playlist, your Elo will start at 1,200. Elo does a soft reset every season as well, where you will not be fully set back to 1,200, but you will be moved back closer to 1,200.  

Check out our Elo leaderboards.  For more information, open a discussion on reddit in CruciblePlaybook.  Feel free to leave comments on this thread, we'll try to respond!



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3 months ago

What really confuses me is how this site determines how much Elo you win/lose. I've lost more Elo then I've gained from matches with the same % chance of winning. I've gained more Elo from matches I've had a nigh 100% chance of winning than I have in matches where I've had a 50% chance or less of winning. How in the name of sanity does that make sense?

9 months ago


11 months ago

Twice now I've lost elo on games that we won by hitting the score limit and then, after the game was won and Shaxx gave his victory dialogue, the other team got more points to pass us. It showed as a win in-game, but as a loss on here. Would be cool if this worked.


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