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When does this year's Festival of the Lost start in Destiny 2?

Along with the upcoming weekly reset on October 29, Bungie will be launching their annual Halloween event in Destiny 2 known as ‘Festival of the Lost’ which will run until November 19. In-game this event is seen as a time for Guardians to celebrate life and to remember those that have been lost in the fight for The Last City, but for us players it’s a time to earn some sweet new gear.

Eva Levante has returned to the Tower in her usual position as the leading NPC for these holiday events and with her, she has brought a whole host of new decorations to cover the Tower in a Halloween theme. Dimly-lit candles, barren trees, dusty cobwebs, and spooky pumpkins will adorn all main areas of the Tower to lift the Guardians spirits.

Festival of the Lost is available to all Destiny 2 players, you do not need Shadowkeep or Season of the Undying to participate. The only requirement is that the player needs to be at least 770 Power.

To start the event, players must meet up with the above mentioned Eva Levante who will be running the event. Levante will give you a Masquerader Helmet to enjoy the Festival but you will need to obtain Chocolate Strange Coins in order to unlock ornaments.

These ornaments will change the appearance of the helmet to some of Destiny 2’s beloved characters such as Emperor Calus, Eris Morn, The Drifter as well as enemies of The Last City like the Hive and the Vex. Candy can also be earned as a reward which can be spent on Mystery Grab Bags as well as the new Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle. When obtained this weapon will be fully Masterworked and be at 950 Power, this will be a significant Power boost for some of the lower leveled players.

To obtain Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, players will need to complete Festival of the Lost bounties sold be Levante and complete runs of the returning mode, The Haunted Forest. In this mode, players will journey into a dark and dreary version of The Infinite Forest where they will need to kill enemies and progress through as many of the areas as they can within the 15 minute time allowance. Rewards will then be given out based on how many areas the fireteam was able to progress through and how many bosses were slain. 

With this event comes more treats to buy and unlock through the Eververse Store. Players will be able to customize their Guardians with skeleton armor ornaments, Jack-O’-Lantern masks, bat Ghost shells and a returning favorite in the Broomstick Sparrow.

On the Festival of the Lost thread within the Destiny Subreddit, Bungie Community Manager Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon reassured players that “all of the new Festival of the Lost Eververse items will be available for Bright Dust at some point during the event. Some of the older items from last year are Silver only," so those of you with a decent stash of Bright Dust will be able to purchase these new event items for free, although expect the prices to be fairly hefty.

For those of you who would like to sink your teeth into the meaty details surrounding the event then head on over to the official Bungie Festival of the Lost guide.


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