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How to defeat Zulmak and finish the Pit of Heresy - dungeon guide

Guardians have already flocked to Destiny 2's latest dungeon offering, Pit of Heresy, added in the game's most recent reset.

Dungeons in Destiny 2 are essentially bite-sized pieces of raid-like content with a fireteam of three venturing into enemy strongholds to complete various encounters containing puzzles and bosses. Pit of Heresy takes place on the moon and has Guardians venturing down into the Hellmouth to discover some of the Hive’s most closely guarded secrets and to defeat a Hive champion known as ‘Zulmak, Instrument of Torment’. The Dungeon also has a recommended Power level of 940.

The newest Dungeon needs to be unlocked before the player can set forth on their mission with their fireteam. Fortunately, this can be done fairly quickly, only about 10-15 minutes of work is needed.

  • Go to Eris Morn: Travel to Eris in Sanctuary and pick up the quest ‘The Deepening Wake’
  • Complete Altars of Sorrow: Located in Sorrow’s Harbor is a new public activity called Altars of Sorrow. In this mode Hive altars will appear around Sorrow’s Harbor with Nightmares attempting to sacrifice themselves to the altars. To progress the quest you need to complete a run of this activity by preventing the Nightmare sacrifices while killing a whole bunch of Hive. There are seven waves of enemies before the activity if complete.
  • Go back to Eris Morn: Return to Eris to complete the quest step and unlock Pit of Heresy on the Moon map. It is located near Sorrow’s Harbor.

Pit of Heresy Encounter Guide


The first major area within the Dungeon is a large open chasm with red Hive towers against one face of the cliff. Above each tower is a unique, glowing Hive symbol. Discuss with your fireteam about some names to give to each of these symbols as this will make the next step much easier.

Below each tower is a room that contains 3 chains hanging between two pillars. Each chain is one of the above-mentioned symbols. You will need to go to each of the 3 corresponding towers and slay a unique Hive Champion to progress to the next area. These Hive Champions are immune to all damage except a Hive sword. To obtain a Hive sword you will need to slay a sword-wielding Knight that usually guards the bridges between the towers.

Once at one of the towers you need to go to, kill the surrounding Hive enemies to unlock the way into the tower. Each Hive Champion can only be killed in a certain way with the Hive sword. The Knight Champion can only be damaged with regular sword attacks and ground slams, the Wizard Champion can only be damaged by using the alternate fire to shoot a projectile similar to the Black Talon exotic and the Shrieker Champion can only be damaged by using the swords blocking the ability to rebound its shots back at it.

Head back outside to the main area and looks up for the glowing green beam. This is where you need to head. Kill the Hive to unlock the door. Once in this new area walk out onto the outcrop and across from you there will be many glowing doorways. Look down across onto the level below you and there will be a small tunnelway between the doorway directly across from you and the one to the right. Head down this tunnel to each the Tunnels of Despair.

Tunnels of Despair

This next section could end up being very tedious for some players as it is essentially a giant maze and as of this moment a map of the area has not been created by the community. The encounter itself is fairly straightforward though.

In this maze will be a few invincible Ogres that will aggressively chase you down if they spot you. Your fireteam must locate and kill 3 Hive Knights located in hidden side rooms within the maze. To find these rooms look for the shootable Hive skin flaps that will be hanging across small tunnels that need to be crouch walked through.

Once a Knight has been slain it will drop a Void Charge. This will need to be picked up by a player and ‘dunked’ at one of the 3 Hive doors on the outer reaches of the maze. Once a charge has been placed near each of the 3 doors, the way will open and the next encounter will begin.

Chamber of Suffering

This is another straightforward encounter with players needing to survive against a horde of Hive. Once the encounter is started, many Hive will spawn around the outer edges of the room and charge towards the players. For this encounter, it is best to stand under the Hive Totem on the upper level of the stairs.

Six Knights will need to be killed who will each drop a Void Charge like the Knights in the previous maze encounter. Each Void Charge will need to be placed near the locked door behind the Totem to break away a total of 6 Hive glyphs to unlock the door. During this encounter, at least one player should be standing on the plate underneath the Totem at all times as otherwise it will eventually kill the entire fireteam and you will need to start the encounter over again. Once the doorway is unlocked, shoot the large orange glob to progress.

The Harrow

Once at the bottom of the pit look towards the left, if facing the exit to see 3 more Hive symbols, remember these symbols. Similarly to the first encounter, you will need to navigate this area to find 3 red Hive towers that correspond to the 3 Hive symbols you saw at the bottom of the pit. At each tower, you will find a Hive Wizard that will need to be killed.

Once all 3 Wizards have been killed, the doorway to the next encounter will unlock. To find the door look for a large red wall with a small bridge jutting out from it. Next to the door will be 2 glowing lantern-like objects.

Zulmak, Instrument of Torment

In this boss room, you will find a large center platform containing Zulmak as well as a large green crystal. Surrounding this center platform are 3 towers like in the previous encounters. At this stage in the encounter, Zulmak is invincible so don't bother trying to damage him, simply avoid him for the moment

Find an Accursed Swordbearer Knight and kill him to claim his sword. Take the sword to any of the three outer towers to slay one of the 3 Hive Champions that function the same as the ones from the first encounter. Remember that the Knight is damaged by regular attacks and ground slams, the Wizard by the swords ranged projectile, and the Shrieker by deflecting its shots back at it. The Champion will drop a Void Charge that will need to be dunked at one of the 3 locations in the center platform. Once all 3 Champions have been killed and all 3 Void Charges have been placed the damage phase will begin.

To damage Zulmak you will need to be standing within the green area at the center platform. Pump as much damage into Zulmak as you can as after a short time the center crystal will begin to glow orange. Get out of the center area asap as soon the crystal will explode and kill anyone still within. After this explosion, Zulmak will be invincible again and the previous steps of killing the sword-bearing, using the sword the kill the Hive Champion and placing the Void Charge will need to be completed to be able to properly damage Zulmak again.

Repeat this until Zulmak is dead and then the Dungeon will be completed. Jump up on the pillar in the center to open the chest and claim your rewards.


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