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How to get new Destiny exotic rocket launcher Deathbringer - guide, tips

Like any Destiny content release, new exotics have been added to the game with the release of the newest expansion Shadowkeep. Acquiring these new exotics ranges from random world drops, being guaranteed drops from finishing certain campaign missions, or by completing a lengthy quest chain. 

Deathbringer is a newly released Void Rocket Launcher that fires remotely detonated rounds that explode once the trigger is released. When the round is detonated it releases tracking void orbs that fall onto and damage any enemies below. The damage value of these tracking voids orbs gets a substantial increase the greater the distance they fall onto enemies. Be sure to aim a few meters above an enemy to take advantage of this added damage.

Obtaining Deathbringer is tied to an Exotic quest chain, below are the quest steps that need to be completed to acquire this powerful new piece of weaponry:

1. Complete the Shadowkeep Story Missions

The quest for Deathbringer can only be obtained from Eris Morn once the entire Shadowkeep story missions have been completed. Once the final cutscene is over and you find yourself back in Sanctuary, head over to Eris and grab the ‘Memory of Sai Mota’ quest step.

2. Complete Lost Sectors

To progress the ‘Memory of Sai Mota’ you need to complete the ‘Lunar Spelunker’ bounty from Eris. This bounty is very straight forward, just head to the 3 Lost Sectors in Archer’s Line, Anchor of Light and The Hellmouth and progress your way through them, making sure to kill the boss and loot the chest. Completing this bounty will reward the ‘Firewall Data Fragment’ which is used in the next step.

3. Access System Core Vault

With your newly acquired ‘Firewall Data Fragment’ head on over to the last Moon Lost Sector in Sorrows Harbor called K1 Revelation. Make your way through the Lost Sector until you get to the open boss area. Just past the boss and to the right is an open circular tunnel that leads to a room with a locked glass door. Use the Firewall Data Fragment to open the doors, proceed to the terminal and acquire ‘Sai Mota’s Broken Necklace” to progress the Memory of Sai Mota quest step.

4. Kill Nightmares with Arc Abilities

The Moon location Sorrow’s Harbor has the highest density of spawning Nightmares, so head to this location to get started. To complete this step you must kill Nightmares with Arc abilities. The final blow must come from an Arc ability so make sure to weaken the Nightmares with whatever weaponry you have then defeat them with your Arc Super, grenade or melee ability. Be sure to note that Arc weaponry does not count towards this quest step.

5. Give the Necklace to Eris

Head back to Sanctuary and go through the portal next to Eris. Proceed along the path and a cutscene will play where Eris gives the newly repaired necklace back to her deceased fireteam member Sai Mota.

6. Explore Circle of Bones

Once the above cutscene ends you will be given the Exotic quest step ‘Symphony of Death’. The step requires you to explore the Circle of Bones area beneath the surface of the Moon. Head to Archer’s Line and proceed through the open doorway of the dome-shaped building towards the middle edge of the area. Follow this path down into the Hall of Wisdom and keep going to finally reach the Circle of Bones. In this area will be a new 860 Light mission to undertake.

7. Kill the Nightmare

This mission takes you back down into the Summoning Pits where you fought the Nightmare of Phogoth. The mission is fairly straightforward, just follow the objective markers down into the Summoning Pits and kill the new Nightmare ‘Servant if Ir Yut’ residing there. Once the Nightmare is slain Toland the white floating orb will be in the middle of the arena. Walk close to him to update the quest step to the ‘Tained Lullaby’ step.

8. Return to Eris Morn

Head back to Eris to further update the quest to ‘Marrow’s Eledy’ step.

9. Collect Bones

This step requires you to collect bones from different areas of the Moon by completing different activities. You must complete public events near the Hellmouth, complete the Lost Sector K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor and kill the wandering Bone Collector found somewhere on the Moon. The first two Bones are very easy to acquire but it’s the last step of defeating the Bone Collector that is a touch more complicated. The Bone Collector is a major Hive Acolyte that spawns in the Anchor of Light area on the Moon. Reports show that the Bone Collector spawns very frequently with the text “A Bone Collector wanders…” showing up on the bottom left of the screen when he spawns. Simply kill the Acolyte to complete the quest step.

10. Kill the High Conductor

Load up The Scarlet Keep strike from The Director and head through the strike as normal until you come across the elevator section of the mission. Once the elevator starts to rise, drop down below onto the floor of the chamber and kill the Shrieker and two Wizards that spawn. Killing these enemies should cause the High Conductor to spawn behind a barrier in this same area. After a short time you and your fireteam will be teleported back up onto the elevator where you can continue this section as normal. The only difference here is that now the High Conductor should be waiting in one of the side rooms of the elevator shaft. Kill her to proceed to the next step.

11. Kill Minor, Major and Boss Enemies

This step of the quest chain is the part that is most likely to take the longest. It requires a large amount of Minor, Major and Boss enemies to be killed with each enemy type having its own progress bar. The fastest way to complete this step is to head to Sorrow’s Harbour and kill the Ogre Nightmares that spawn there as these give 10% progress towards Boss kills. The Thrall Nightmares that spawn with the Ogres also count as Major enemies. While waiting for more Ogre Nightmares to spawn simply run around and kill all minor enemies you find to progress that section as well. Guardian kills also progress the Boss kills quest step but it requires 50 Guardian kills to complete so it is much faster to simply kill the Ogre Nightmares.  

12. Complete Choir of the Damned Mission

The last lengthy step in this quest chain is to complete the mission ‘Choir of the Damned’ located within the Circle of Bones area beneath the Moon. This mission has a Light requirement of 920 so be sure to be at least fairly close to that or maybe bring some friends to help you out. In this mission you will be heading back down into the area where you obtained the Cryptoglyph earlier in the Shadowkeep campaign. In certain sections of this mission you will be given a 60 second debuff timer called ‘Deathsong’ that will kill you if it reaches zero. To stop this timer you must kill a major Wizard that is causing the debuff, once the Wizard is dead the way forward will be unlocked. The end area of the mission contains the boss ‘Ir Airam, Deathsinger’ who needs to be killed in order to complete the mission. Nothing special about this boss fight, you won't have a Deathsong timer so you will be able to take your time with damaging the Deathsinger. Once the Deathsinger is dead proceed to Toland towards the upper middle of the arena to update the quest step to “Death of Nightmares’.

13. Return to Eris Morn

Return to Eris in Sanctuary to finally be given the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer.


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