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What activities and loot sources are leaving Destiny 2 with the release of Season of the Dawn?

Before the release of Season of the Undying in October, Bungie announced that once the season was over certain activities and loot would be leaving the game to pave the way for the following season. This change is intended to foster player engagement across the seasons and to ensure that the game wouldn't become too bloated with content, which would slowly begin to hinder optimization.

Here is a list of all the activities and loot that will be leaving the game tomorrow when Season of Dawn releases:

  • Season of Undying’s free and premium Season rewards

    • Be sure to redeem these rewards on the season pass before the new season begins. It is unclear whether any item that is unlocked but not redeemed will simply go to the postmaster once the new season begins or whether they will be lost for good.

    • If you have been putting a lot of playtime into a single character, make sure to jump across to your alternate characters to redeem the class-specific armor and items for them.

  • Eriana’s Vow and Catalyst quest

    • "Please note that Eriana’s Vow and its catalyst quest will become obtainable through alternative acquisition paths in a future release. Players who have already obtained and begun this quest may complete it after the season ends. Stay tuned for updates.” stated Bungie in the newest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post.

  • Vex Offensive, Vex Moon Invasions,  Vex Weapon Data Seeds

    • The six-player matchmade activity and its associated weapons will sadly be leaving the game, potentially forever, come Tuesday 10th of December. The Vex weapons acquired through Vex Offensive and the Data Seeds were considered to be fairly top tier with the right roll and you still have a little bit of time to try for the perfect perks. Be sure to check out our guide here for the most sought after perk combinations.

  • The Gatelord’s Eye Seasonal Artifact and Power bonus

    • The Gatelord’s Eye is being retired to make room for the new Seasonal Artifact, The Lantern of Osiris. Since the Gatelord’s Eye will be leaving it also means that the Seasonal mods will be changed. Say goodbye to some of the most powerful builds that Destiny has seen due to Thunder Coil and Oppressive Darkness no longer existing. Don't worry though as it’s entirely possible that a new overpowered mod for the Solar subclasses will be released with Season of Dawn. 

    • Players will also lose all their bonus Power from the Gatelord’s Eye and this bonus will need to be reacquired through XP gain from the new Lantern of Osiris. This could be a jarring change as many Guardians are about to plummet 10 or 20 Power at the start of the new Season.

  • Season-specific Triumphs, Seals and Titles

    • For those of you still grinding away for the Undying title, be sure to complete all Triumphs and Collections before Destiny 2 goes down for maintenance at 8:45PST on Tuesday the 10th otherwise the Title will not be earnable.

Speaking of maintenance, here are the times Bungie has listed for when Destiny 1 and 2 will be taken offline to roll out the new update and when they should be coming back online:

  • 8AM PST (1600 UTC): Destiny service maintenance begins

  • 8:45AM PST (1645 UTC): Destiny 1 and 2 are taken offline on all platforms

  • 9AM PST (1700 UTC): Destiny 2 Update 2.7.0 begins rolling out across all platforms and regions

  • 10AM PST (1800 UTC): Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are back online on all platforms; Season of Dawn begins

  • 11AM PST (1900 UTC): Destiny service maintenance concludes


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