How to get Destiny's newest exotic machine gun, the Xenophage - guide

Lachlan Craig
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With the latest weekly reset in Destiny 2, the game has received a substantial amount of new content for Guardians to sink their teeth into. Along with the Festival of the Lost, new Dungeon ‘Pit of Heresy’ and Update 2.6.1 players will also be able to hunt for the new Exotic Machine Gun ‘Xenophage’.

Xenophage was leaked back in late August during the PAX West gaming convention in Seattle where some sneaky people were able to snap some pictures of this new weapon.

Xenophage is a slow-firing, semi-automatic Machine Gun that fires explosive rounds. Where most other weapons with explosive rounds have a split in damage between the impact of the round itself and the explosion, Xenophage instead deals all of its damage through the localized explosion. This means that Xenophage is unable to do precision damage but has the trade-off of having no damage falloff at longer ranges.

Quest Steps

Go to Enduring Abyss

To start the quest you will go to the area that you visit Eris at during the Shadowkeep story missions, this area was traveled to by entering a portal in Sanctuary next to where Eris normally stands. If this portal is not active you will need to do a bit of walking. Travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and head into the Scarlet Keep, continue straight and then turn into the left doorway that you would have taken during Shadowkeep’s opening mission. Once you reach a new area known as ‘The Enduring Abyss’ continue forward and then look right to see another pathway located in the wall.

Light the Pillars

To spawn the chest containing the quest you will need to activate the 4 Thrall pillars located around the room in the correct order. If facing the chest, with the forward-most pillars being ‘top’ and the closest pillars being ‘bottom’, the order is top right, bottom right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right. Doing so will unlock the chest and grant the quest ‘Emergence’.

Activate Plates

Travel to Anchor of Light. On the north-west edge of this area of a large spire building with a small building right next to it that has a ramp on it. Head into this smaller building to find a ball of Light. You will now need to take this ball of Light to 6 different Hive plates within the area. These plates are red and are quite small, about a meter in diameter. There will be a 60-second timer that will refresh with each plate activation. Here is the location of the 6 plates:

  • In the same room as the ball of light, just a little bit closer to the exit
  • Located on the spired building opposite the building with the ball of Light. On the second level of the building on top of some structure beams.
  • On the other side of the spired building are another two structures. This plate is located on top of the rightmost building.
  • From the previous plate, hug the hill, and head forward around to the left.
  • In the main area of Anchor of Light is a large circular building. Another plate is directly on top of this building.
  • To the north-west of the circular building is another building that is built into the side of the hill. Another plate is within this building.

The plates need to be activated in a particular order. It is best to travel to all the plates listed above to familiarize yourself with their locations and where they are relative to each other.

The order for the plates is A, D, F, B, C, E. Once this has been done correctly an objective marker will appear on the player’s HUD, go to it and activate the node to complete this step.

Lost Sector Puzzles 

This step requires you to solve a puzzle in each of the 4 Moon Lost Sectors. These puzzles are at every end of each Lost Sector. With the puzzles you will be presented with a wall covered in an assortment of Hive runes where shooting any of them will change certain other nodes on the wall.

You will need to find the right combination to turn all the symbols into the same one. Note that the following solutions will only work if you have not already shot at any of the runes, if you have you will need to reload into the Lost Sector to reset the runes to their original positions.

  • Archer’s Line (K1 Logistics) - Top Left, Bottom Left, Middle, Middle Right
  • Anchor of Light (K1 Communion) - Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Middle
  • Hellmouth (K1 Crew Quarters) - Top Right, Middle Left, Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Middle, Bottom Middle
  • Sorrow’s Harbor (K1 Revelation) - Middle Left, Middle, Middle, Middle Left, Middle Top, Middle Bottom, Middle, Middle Right

Dungeon Path Piece

To complete this step you will need to make your way into the new Dungeon ‘Pit of Heresy’. Check out our guide on how to unlock and complete this new Dungeon here. Make your way through the Dungeon and complete the first encounter. You should now find yourself on a small bridge across from many doorways in the wall. At the top left is a doorway that does not have a hive run on the front of it, within this doorway is the piece you need to complete this step.

Dungeon Secret Boss

Return to the bridge opposite the doorways and face the doorways again. On the bottom right side will be a small slit on the wall that you will be able to pass through which will take you to the Tunnels of Despair encounter. These tunnels in this area essentially take the shape of a giant fork with 3 tunnels spreading out from each other.

Head down the left pathway and drop down until a lower path when you reach a large chasm. Along this pathway will be some Hive runes that you can activate, once activated 3 platforms will appear with a ball of light at the end of it. Pick up the ball and return to the entrance to then head down the right tunnel. A doorway will be located on the right side of this tunnel where you will be able to place the ball of light. Continue down this new pathway to face the secret Dungeon boss ‘Volmar, the Tempted’.

When starting the encounter against Volmar each player will be given a ‘Dread’ buff known as Neutral, Abyssal, Thunderous and Fiery which corresponds to Kinetic, Void, Solar, and Arc respectively. Players will need to grab a ball of Light from the center of the room and place it at the nodes at the outer edges of the room that corresponds to their Dread buff.

If facing away from the entrance and towards the middle of the room, the Abyssal node is located at the top left on the upper level, Thunderous is the bottom left node on the lower level, Fiery is the top-right node on the upper level and Neutral is the bottom right node on the upper level. If the node is dunked correctly the player’s Dread buff will change to a Vengeance Buff with a timer. The player will now be able to damage Volmar but only with the elemental damage that matches their Vengeance buff. Repeat this until Volmar has been defeated.

Return to Eris Morn

Return to Eris is Sanctuary to claim your new exotic.


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