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Adept weapons to return to Trials of Osiris in Beyond Light

New upgraded weapons are coming to the Trials of Osiris playlist for those skilled enough to complete a Flawless run.

Adept Weapons were introduced to Trials of Osiris at its inception during the hay-days of Destiny 1 with them quickly garnering much appreciation amongst the community.

These Adept weapons were a special tier of Trials firearm that were a direct upgrade over their regular counterparts due to factors such as an extra intrinsic perk or dealing elemental damage.

This reward gave extra incentive for players to brave the Trials of Osiris playlist and try to gain their 9 wins in a row to gain access to The Lighthouse.

Unfortunately, these highly sought after weapons did not end up making it to the initial release of Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 but that will all change with Beyond Light. Be prepared to grind out Trials of Osiris all weekend in order to have a shot at these powerful weapons.

Here’s the newest info from the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post:

How Adept Weapons Work

Unlike their Destiny 1 counterparts, Adept weapons in Destiny 2 will not contain special intrinsic perks. Instead, these weapons will gain extra stats through masterworking. When a regular weapon is fully masterworked it gains an extra +10 to the masterwork stat but a masterwork Adept weapon will gain an extra +3 to alternate stats. So while a regular weapon that has a Range masterwork will gain +10 Range, an Adept weapon will gain +10 Range, +3 Reload Speed, +3 Stability, and +3 Handling.

This won't end up being a huge advantage but like the original Adept weapons this will ensure a small advantage over the competition as a reward for going Flawless.

On top of the bonus stats, Adept weapons will be able to take either a regular weapon mod or a special new mod type that is exclusive to Adept weapons.

Adept Mods

These mods come in two varieties and can only be slotted into an Adept weapon. The first version gives a single, large bonus to a weapon stat in a similar fashion to masterworking. An example given by Bungie is the ‘Adept Range’ mod which gives a +10 bonus to the Range stat.

This is quite significant as currently there are no mods in the game that give bonuses to any of the usual masterwork stats. This means that by masterworking for the +10 and various +3 stat bonus, then adding another Adept mod for a further bonus, Adept weapons can possibly have significantly higher stats over other weapons in their class.

The other mod type is one that grants an even larger bonus to certain weapon stats but comes with a large drawback of lowering another stat in the process. Bungie gives an example of an Adept mod called ‘Adept Mag’. This mod gives a +40 bonus to Magazine but also comes with a hefty -20 to Handling. For comparison, the standard ‘Backup Mag’ weapon mod gives a +30 to Magazine.

The trade-off aspect of this type of mod can be great for crafting a weapon build that can take full advantage of the stat bonus while not being too adversely affected by the drawback. Say you have an Adept version of Astral Horizon. A slow firing Shotgun like this does not need a large amount of Stability but what it does need is Range. There could be a new Adept mod that gives a large bonus to Range while having a slight negative to Stability. This trade-off suits Astral Horizon greatly and will make it even more of a powerhouse weapon.

How to Obtain Adept Weapons

Both Adept weapons and Adept mods can only be obtained by completing a Flawless Trials Passage and opening the Flawless chest at The Lighthouse.

The Adept mods will be on a weekly rotation so be sure to grab each one the week it's available as if there is a large number of mods  each mod wont come around again for many weeks.

The new Adept weapons will be on a bi-weekly rotation from the Flawless chest as they will be alternating with the armor drops. The first Adept weapon acquired on each given week will also be a Pinnacle drop. This doesn't mean only a single copy of an Adept weapon can be earned each week as your Fireteam can continue to complete Flawless Passages to earn alternate rolls of the given Adept weapon for that week.

These additions are shaping up to make Trials of Osiris a much more rewarding experience once Beyond Light releases. The player base for the game mode has been slowly declining over the past months but are Adept weapons what are needed to bring players back or are the issues more deep-seeded?


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