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Best Banner of War Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

This build is too overpowered.

The new Season of the Witch update offers many new things to Destiny 2. One of the most interesting aspects of the new content in the game are the new Strand Aspects. Focusing on the new Titan Aspect, we will look towards the best Banner of War build in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. You can use the new aspect’s overpowering abilities once you follow the best build.

Best Banner of War Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

Image via Bungie

The Banner of War aspect is the cornerstone of this build. It activates when you defeat a target with a melee finisher, sword, or glaive. When triggered, it raises a Banner of War that heals you and nearby allies with energy pulses. It also boosts melee damage by 40%, increases sword and glaive damage by 10% and 25%, respectively. Defeating additional targets refreshes the timer and can charge the banner up to four times for more frequent healing pulses.

Synthoceps Exotic Gauntlets

Equip the Synthoceps exotic gauntlets to amplify your melee damage by a staggering 200% when near three or more enemies. You will gain a 50% damage bonus to your super, enhancing your overall damage potential.

Optional: One-Two Punch Perk

Image via Bungie/ YouTube Channel demonjoe

If available, use a shotgun with the One-Two Punch perk. This grants a 100% damage increase on normal melee attacks. Provides a 40% damage boost on powered melee attacks. Offers a substantial 75% damage increase when used on bosses.

Weapon Choice: Monte Carlo or Tractor Cannon

Tailor your weapon choice based on your activity.

  • Monte Carlo (General Play): Ideal for regular content and general gameplay due to rapid melee energy regeneration.
  • Tractor Cannon (Boss Melting): Essential for boss encounters, as it applies a 30% debuff to your target, significantly boosting your damage output.

Additional Build Components

To further enhance your build, consider these aspects and fragments:

  • Into The Fray Aspect: Generates Woven Mail when destroying tangles, drastically increasing your melee regeneration rate.
  • Frenzied Blade Melee Ability: Killing enemies with strand debuffs spawns Tangles, adding to your damage potential.
  • Grapple Grenade: Attacking an enemy with a grapple unravels them, creating Tangles without consuming melee energy.
  • Fragments: Select fragments like Thread of Fury, Thread of Warding, Thread of Generation, and Thread of Transmutation to maximize your build's efficacy.

Mod Selection

Image via Bungie/ YouTube Channel demonjoe

Customize your armor with mods that align with your playstyle. Utilize ammo finder mods, Hands-On for super energy on melee kills, and Heavy-Handed for orb generation. Incorporate resist mods to enhance your survivability. Consider Invigoration, Recuperation, and Absolution mods for health, melee energy, and ability cooldown benefits.

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