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Bugged Destiny 2 Tower reveals possible end-of-season spoilers

One eagle-eyed Guardian may have given us a sneak peek into Destiny's upcoming showdown with the Cabal.

At the beginning of Season of the Worthy players were greeted with a cutscene of both Zavala and Ana Bray aboard The Almighty, the Cabal’s Solar System destroying super weapon.

The Guardians discovered that the Cabal had set The Almighty onto a collision course with the Last City in a last, desperate attempt to put an end to humanity.

A recent discovery by one lucky player may have given us a sneak peek into how close the Cabal will come to reaching this goal later in the Season.

An odd aspect about Season of the Worthy is that during the pre-release period The Almighty was shown as being the main complication during the Season but apart from the opening cutscene there has been almost zero information about the current whereabouts of the ship and how the Guardians are planning to stop it.

Instead, a lot of the current focus in-game, and from the community, is based around the Pyramid ships that have been detected by Rasputin’s Warsats as they inch their way closer and closer to occupied space.

The only indication we have about The Almighty is that it has disappeared from the Mercury skybox, which is a small hint that it is indeed on the move.

Fortunately or unfortunately for humanity, whichever way you wish to look at it, it seems that the Cabal come extremely close to achieving their goal of dropping The Almighty right on top of the Last City if a recently discovered bugged Tower instance is anything to go by.

Reddit user SergeantGamerr recently uploaded a select few Tower screenshots to the Destiny subreddit that shows that some damage has been done to different areas around the main courtyard.

Here are the pictures:

This structure damage is largely superficial so it stands to reason that The Almighty will not make actual contact with Earth, at least not as a whole piece.

The Almighty is an extremely large ship and if it was to crash into the Earth from orbit it would create an extinction level event felt across the entire planet.

The most likely reason for this damage is from Rasputin and his large array of weaponry destroying The Almighty but failing to destroy the small chunks that will still make their way down to Earth.

It stands to reason that these chunks of The Almighty will not just affect the Tower but the whole of the Last City.

If these chunks, which are essentially small meteoroids, are big enough to cause the above damage to areas in the Tower then humanity could still suffer a large amount of deaths below in the Last City.

As we are past any dates given in the Season of the Worthy Roadmap then it is impossible to know when the situation with The Almighty will develop further.

The only idea we will have to when the conclusion to the Season is coming is when The Almighty appears in the skybox above the Tower.

Until then, keep grinding those Seraph Bunkers to bring more of Rasputin’s systems back online as we are going to need all the firepower we can get.


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