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Bungie reveals huge amount of new weapons coming in Season of the Splicer: Hung Jury, Eirene RR4, more

The upcoming Season of the Splicer has a ton of weapons for players to earn.

It wouldn't be a proper Destiny 2 Season without a whole swathe of new firearms to shoot bad guys with and in this regard, Season of the Splicer sure has the players covered.

In today’s ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post, players were finally given a good look into all the new toys they will be able to get their hands when the new Season launches on May 11. Some of you veterans might even recognize some of these weapons as fan-favourites from the original Destiny making a return to the franchise.

First off we have the Season Pass weapons. In Season of the Splicer, players will be able to earn a new Machine Gun and Shotgun that can be earned at ranks 30 and 45, respectively. Alongside these two weapons is a brand new Exotic sidearm called Cryosthesia 77k. This Exotic can be obtained at rank 1 if the player has bought the Season Pass, or rank 35 on the free track.

For those of you who are unaware, in the inventory screen any weapon that is facing left is Kinetic while any weapon facing right is Energy. With this in mind, and by looking at the Season Pass on, we can see that Cryosthesia 77k is a Kinetic weapon while the new Shotgun and Machine Gun are both Energy.

Season of the Splicer has a new 6-player matchmade activity called ‘Override’ in which players will enter the Vex network to put a stop to their secret plans. From this new mode, players will be able to earn 4 more weapons, a Grenade Launcher, Sidearm, Pulse Rifle and Auto Rifle/Submachine Gun. The Sidearm and Auto Rifle/Submachine Gun appear to be Kinetic while the Grenade Launcher and Pulse Rifle appear to be Solar. This is just a guess based on the colouring though.

In Season of the Chosen, players were able to earn the Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher through playing the core activities. In Season of the Chosen, players will be able to earn the new Fusion Rifle ‘Null Composure’ in a similar way with three different ornaments able to be obtained from the core activities. Judging from the name alone, this could end up being Void.

As a new addition to the game, starting in Season of the Splicer, Bungie has decided to add in many more weapons to the core playlist for players to earn. In this upcoming Season there will be 12 new weapons in total, four for each activity which includes Strikes, Gambit and the Crucible. In the latest TWAB we were only shown three weapons with them being a Grenade Launcher, Hand Cannon and Submachine Gun.

Now here is where it gets a little spicy. Three new weapons will also be added to Nightfall: The Ordeal on a weekly rotation, much like the Palindrome, Shadow Price and The SWARM are in the current Season. These three new weapons are the Scout Rifle ‘Hung Jury’, the Fusion Rifle ‘PLUG ONE.1’ and what appears to be the Sniper Rifle ‘Eirene RR4’. These weapons will also have Adept versions that will become available later in the Season when Grandmaster difficulty goes live.

If you combine all these revealed weapons with the new Iron Banner weapons coming later in the Season, as well as the full suite of Vault of Glass weapons, that brings the total weapon count to just over 30. Season of the Splicer is definitely shaping up to be a packed Season.

What weapon are you most looking forward to?

Season of the Splicer launches May 11 at 10AM PDT.


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