What does the Destiny community want to see changed the most in-game?

Lachlan Craig
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The Destiny series has always had a passionate community that is constantly trying to make Destiny 2 the best game it can be. As the players can’t directly change the game themselves, they often rely on using social media and forums to voice their opinions on the course of the game and any changes they would like to see come to fruition.

Here are some popular changes, in no particular order, that the community has requested:

Revert the Redrix’s Broadsword changes

Alongside the release of Shadowkeep was a large weapon tuning update that lowered the power of many of our favorite weapons. One such weapon that fared poorly from this nerf was Redix’s Broadsword. The Broadsword’s signature perk ‘Desperado’ allowed its rate of fire to significantly increase once reloaded after a precision final blow. Interestingly, this rate of fire increase did not lower its damage per bullet, allowing it to achieve a ridiculously fast time to kill within the Crucible and mow down waves of enemies in PvE activities.

With the changes on October 1, Redrix’s Broadsword saw a lowering of its damage-per-round when ‘Desperado’ was active in PvE activities so that its damage remained consistent between the two fire modes. With this change, the weapon became a joke in PvE as it had been reduced to essentially function as a High-Impact frame Pulse Rifle that could change to a Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifle under certain conditions.

Revert the Breakneck changes

In a similar fashion to Redrix’s Broadsword, The Breakneck also had its damage values changed with the October 1st patch. Breakneck’s signature perk is ‘Onslaught’ where the weapon’s rate of fire will increase as its other perk, Rampage, is stacked up with kills.

With the patch, The Breakneck would lower its damage value per round, as its Rampage perk stacked give, giving it a large loss in DPS when compared to its previous state. Add this on to the large reduction in Rampage’s increased damage in the October patch led to The Breakneck being a shell of its former self.

Reduce the Recluse's power

The Recluse has been a hot topic within the Destiny community since its release during Season of the Drifter back in April. Players have been calling for nerfs to this monster of a weapon for the longest time due to its unrivaled ability to deal with minor and major enemies with ease. It is often regarded as ‘best in slot’, meaning if you have obtained the weapon there is almost no reason to take it out of your Energy/Secondary weapon slot.

The Recluse also fared far better from the October weapon nerfs than almost every other weapon as its signature perk ‘Master of Arms’ was barely touched with Submachine Guns also receiving a 10% body-shot damage buff. Variety is the spice of life and The Recluse promotes a very one-dimensional style of play.

An often brought up possible change to the weapon would be that its ‘Master of Arms’ perk would only activate on kills with other weapons, prompting the user to be using other weapons in their arsenal and not simply chaining kills with The Recluse.

Add Mod Slots to Exotic Weapons

Season of the Undying introduced the Seasonal Artifact, which contained many unique perks. Some of these perks, such as Overload Rounds, Untoppable Rounds and Anti-Barrier Rounds, main uses are against Champions within the Nightfalls and other high-level activities.

These mods are required for this activity as the activity won't even launch unless at least one party member has these mods equipped on these weapons. Unfortunately, Exotic weapons do not have any kind of mod slots. This means that players are simply unable to use some of their favorite weapons when trying to complete Nightfalls and must instead use run-of-the-mill Legendary weapons.

Add Seasonal Mod Slots

This is another quite popular request amongst the community. As it stands, the seasonal mods, such as Anti-Barrier Rounds, simply slot into the regular mod slot of weapons. As these seasonal mods can be quite powerful it essentially makes all other regular mods, such as Counterbalance, Backup Mag and Minor Spec, very suboptimal.

If another mod slot was added to weapons purely for seasonal mods it would allow more weapon types to shine as some certain weapon types require a certain mod to be considered useful, such as Pulse Rifles and Counterbalance.

Update weapons from before Forsaken

When the Forsaken expansion was released in September 2018, randoms rolls and mod slots were introduced to the new weapons released. Unfortunately, this meant that all the older weapons, bar a certain few, were made obsolete as they were unable to roll with some of the better perk combinations and were unable to take mods.

If the older Year 1 weapons were updated to be able to roll with random perks and take mods it would serve as a massive increase to the availability of viable weapons. Not to mention, players will be able to actually use some of their favorite Year 1 Weapons in high-level content again.

Rework Armor Elemental Affinity

With the release of Shadowkeep on October 1st came a large overhaul to the armor system, titled Armor 2.0. With this new system, players were able to slot and swap mods they currently had unlocked into their armor with much lower restrictions than previously.

The only big restriction was elemental affinity. Every mod available is assigned a certain element, such as Shotgun Scavenger being Arc, and that mod can only be slotted into an armor piece that matches that element type.

The element that a piece of armor rolls with is random. As an example of what’s wrong with this system, say a player had a full set Solar armor that they liked the look of and also had really good stat rolls. This player also really liked using Scout Rifles and Shotguns.

Unfortunately, Scout perks are Void only and Shotgun perks are Arc only. So now this player has a set of armor that is almost useless to them even though they grinded for hours to get it. This system adds another layer of pointless grinding and luck in order to get the armor you want, the right element and one that matches the weapons you use. 


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• December 1, 2019, 7:16 PM

nerf Mountaintop

• November 27, 2019, 6:49 PM

it was a fantastic article and it is very apparent that you have been paying attention to the community and what they want. I agree with everything in there except nurse recluse and well I think. Make Breakneck great again LOL... But everything else I think was good like a Elemental Affinity on Armor and exotic slots for mods. Well I guess seasonal mods it was nice. It all made a lot of sense. Great article with impeccable research, keep up the great work!

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