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Destiny 2 Glitch Allows For 12 Guardian Raid Teams

We Came Down Here As A Squad Of 12

Guardians have now found one of the most chaotic yet satisfying exploits to ever exist in Destiny 2, 12 Guardian Raids.

The glitch is simple, yet complex in practice. Essentially you are to make two fireteams with one comprised of 5 and the other with 7. When both fireteams are ready the fireteam with 5 attempts to launch into the activity while the fireteam of 7 attempts to join them while they matchmake.

The time window for this is so precise however that teams are taking sometimes hours to hit it. Reports are showing the window is near millisecond between where the timer shows "2" and "1" on the countdown.

Once you are able to join, you will find that the current raids were certainly not made with 12 people in mind. Each activity takes mere minutes to complete and Boss health dissipates before you can blink.

These shenanigans have certainly taken the community by storm with pleas to Bungie begging not to fix it. With this being a server side exploit this will be something Bungie should be able to patch relatively quickly so if you are looking to join in on the fun, I would recommend doing it soon.

But will Bungie fix it? First off, this is not breaking anything in the game and is not providing any unfair advantages to teams in any way. At most this is a harmless glitch that is creating fun moments for Clans and Fireteams to rejoice in. And what if we see a new system come to Destiny for 12 Guardian teams in the future because of this. Certainly all this did was show Bungie how desperately people want to be able to include more Guardians in their activities.

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I would honestly be happy if Bungie added a mode for Raids and activities where if you exceeded the normal 6 person fireteam it would nullify the ability to earn hard-to-get triumphs like Flawless Completions and such.

All I can say is fighting through Europa with 11 other people is definitely going in my list of favorite Destiny 2 moments.

If you want to try out the glitch for yourself check out the video below from Scrub on Youtube:

Have you been able to run a 12 Guardian Raid? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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