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'Destiny 2' Set To Return To The Old Tower

In A Recent Reveal We Have Learned New Information Regarding Our Old Home

The beginning of Destiny 2’s Red War campaign saw us stripped from our home and our powers taken away. Though we fought relentlessly and sent Ghaul and his cronies packing, we were still left broken.

For the last three years, construction efforts have been ongoing, but the Traveler and the Tower have remained broken and shattered. We have returned to the old Tower to find it looted and devastated during the Zero Hour mission, but that is the closest we have come to be able to relive dance parties in the old Courtyard. But it seems once again; Guardians can have hope.

There have been many reasons why I personally have been speculating the return of the old tower; my most significant evidence lies with the Destiny Content Vault. When Bungie set forward to put the Zero Hour mission into the DCV it made me wonder why. After chasing every lore book and article I could find, I found no evidence that Zero Hour was linked to any destination or event that was also going away. This left me with the only conclusion. We must be going home.

Just this morning on r/raidsecrets, user u/Felwinter_123 posted robust evidence they found in a data on the Playstation Store. This essential art was just one of the findings here.

The most important part of this photo is that it features a healed Traveler and a restructured tower. No more structures, cranes, or other construction features. This shows strong evidence that not only is our Traveler restored, but our tower is ready for us to inhabit once again.

Though we can not confirm for certain that we will be using the old Tower as our central location again, we can confirm that the Traveler is in fact restored to its natural state. When looking at previously released previews of the new Director, you can also see the healed Traveler in the center.

Since the news broke this morning, Playstation has also updated the art officially for Destiny 2, marking this no longer a rumored change to the game’s main art.

What do you think about Guardians reinbahiting the old Tower? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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1 month ago

Not to mention the Farm is also supposed to be vaulted. You know the place you start the non-heroic version of the mission.

1 month ago

As Icepick mentioned, the quest starts on Titan. However, it's also worth noting that not only is that true, but the farm is going away too. If you'll recall, that's where the dedicated node is to start Zero Hour because Mithrax is there. Also, you typoed reinhabit.

1 month ago

The quest to gain access to Zero Hour starts on Titan. Since Titan is being vaulted, Zero Hour is as well since not all players (ie new) would be able to do the activity. Image could be coincidence. I'd not lean too heavily into this.