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No, Witch Queen will not unvault any destinations

The Dreadnaught Will Not Be Coming Back Yet

There has been a lot of speculation and assumptions about what to expect when Witch Queen lands later this year, and I think it is crucial to start setting our expectations properly before we get any closer.

When we look forward to future content, speculating and anticipating will always be fun time killers, but we should never take these rumors as truth until we find them on One of the biggest rumors I have seen circulating is Destinations and the Dreadnaught may return with the next expansion; I am sad to report Luke Smith himself has already shot this down.

In an article last November in PC Gamer, Smith was interviewed by Tim Clarke and Alex Wiltshire, where they spoke in-depth on content vaulting.

Smith states, “Each expansion is going to include a brand-new destination, so The Witch Queen is not going to un-vault one.” He goes on to say that when and if they do bring a Destination back, it will be in line with what is going on in the universe, not just for the sake of getting it back in the game.

I think this is an excellent move for Bungie. If all they did were take away planets to bring them back later on, it would feel shallow for them to have even left in the first place. If brought back with purpose, or even if we were the ones who “saved” the planets and restored them, wouldn’t it feel much more satisfying?

We all miss the various destinations, and I am anxiously awaiting their return. Still, when they make a comeback, I would love to see them refreshed with new content and experiences for everyone to have.

Witch Queen is sure to make for an exciting time in Destiny, and I can not wait to see what new destination we find ourselves on.

What would you like to see come with the Witch Queen expansion? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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