How to find Season of the Undying's exotic bow Leviathan's Breath - guide, solutions

Lachlan Craig
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With the most recent weekly reset for Destiny 2, a new exotic weapon has been added for Season of the Undying owners to obtain. It is known as Leviathan’s Breath and is a Bow in the Heavy Weapon slot, the first of its kind. The weapon is acquired through a fairly straight forward quest that can be completed in a little as a few hours but has one or two steps that could cause people some issues, so be sure to follow the below guide to ensure you stay on track.

In terms of the weapon’s stats, Leviathan’s Breath has high Accuracy and Impact compared to other combat Bows but has abysmal Stability, Handling, Reload Speed and Draw Time. Expect Leviathan’s Breath to hit extremely hard but be somewhat clunky and unwieldy to use. The Intrinsic perk for the weapon is ‘Big Game Hunter’ with its description reading: “Fires a massive heavy bolt that staggers unshielded enemy combatants. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.”. 

Unstoppable Champions are mainly present within Nightfall: The Ordeal and are large enemies, such as Hive Ogres, that will charge at the player and continually attack until either themselves or the player is dead. The only way to counter these Champions is by using the Unstoppable Hand-Cannon rounds mod that is obtained through the current Seasonal Artifact. ‘Big Game Hunter’ perk comes with this staggering effect intrinsically so expect Leviathan’s Breath to perhaps see some play within these harder Nightfalls.

The Exotic perk for Leviathan’s Breath is “Leviathan’s Sigh” which reads: “When fully drawn, the bolt creates a large concussive blast that knocks enemies back.”. From testing, this effect seems somewhat inconsistent with the weapon capable of knocking enemies back several meters but on occasion, the concussive blast will barely knock them back half a meter. 

Quest Steps

Meet Banshee

Load into The Tower and head over to the right side to meet with the Gunsmith, Banshee-44. Here Banshee will give you the first step of the quest “Make Bows, Not War” known as “The Way Back”.

Find Banshee’s Secret Workshop

This step could give some players trouble as the game gives you not much to go on when it comes to finding the workshop. Those of you who start this quest early enough may be able to follow other Guardians who know where they are going to the workshop. From the main spawn in the Tower, head left down into the Hangar. Go left through Dead Orbit’s camp and up the catwalk stairs where Xur can sometimes be when he chooses to visit the Tower.

Walk along the catwalk until you reach a long straight section with a sharp left turn at the end. Instead of turning left jump over the side of the catwalk and then jump again to the right onto a new platform. Follow this platform up to some circular air vents and turn right at the end of the vents. Jump up and head through into a small new room, from this new room turn around and head right into another small passageway.

From here there are too many twists and turns to accurately describe through text but it is difficult to get lost as there is really only one way to go, just follow the many rooms, tunnels and small passageways through to Banshee’s workshop. If you get stuck or would rather a visual guide then watch this video uploaded by ‘iiDutchboyy’. Once at Banshee’s workshop activate the weapons case, which will stay locked, to receive the next step.

Complete Vanguard Strikes and Gambit Matches

After finding the secret workshop you will need to head back to Banshee who will tell you to complete Strikes or Gambit Matches. All Nightfalls count towards this objective, no matter the difficulty, and will give 50% each towards the progress. Gambit matches are worth 35% on a win and 25% for a loss while regular Vanguard Strikes give 20% each. It seems that running 2 Nightfalls at 750 difficulty is the quickest way to complete this step in a matter of 20 minutes.

Bow Precision Kills on Vex or Cabal

This next step is simple enough with the requirement of 75 Precision Bow kills on either Vex or Cabal. If you are playing on a console, or using a controller on PC, then it is recommended to kill Cabal for this step.

While using a controller the player is given enhanced aim assist by the game to make up for the lack of precision compared to a mouse and keyboard. The problem with this is that when aiming with a bow at a Vex’s crit spot the shot will be drawn upwards slightly towards the Vex’s center of mass, turning what would be a precision hit into a simple body hit. This problem is not prevalent with Cabal enemies so you will have a much easier time hitting precision hits. 

Complete “The Arms Dealer” Strike

A harder version of The Arms Dealer strike will be present on the Director screen of the EDZ. This is a power level 900 strike with matchmaking that has the following modifiers:

  • Harsh Elements - Incoming damage from Arc, Solar and Void sources is greatly increased.
  • Blackout - Enemy melee attacks are significantly more power, and radar is disabled
  • Iron - Enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage.

Return to Banshee

The final step of this quest is to head back to Banshee who will hand you the key to the locked weapons case you originally found in his workshop. Run over to the workshop using the same method you did during the first step of this quest. Activate the weapons case to open it and obtain your prize, the Leviathan’s Breath.


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