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Everything We Know About Destiny 2's "Void 3.0" Update Coming Next Year...

A few months back, Bungie shared some of the changes coming to the Void Subclass with the launch of Witch Queen in 2022.

After many rumors of Bungie either making a new dark subclass, or sunsetting old subclasses, Bungie has revealed that instead of either of those things, they will be reworking the Light Subclasses to play more like Stasis. The first subclass to be reworked is the Void Subclass which is being named “Void 3.0” going live with the launch of Witch Queen on Feb 22nd.

The Arc and Solar subclasses will also be reworked sometime in between Witch Queen and Lightfall, but those dates are not set in stone yet.

One way that Stasis is different compared to the Light Subclasses is that players can choose up to two Aspects, which augment the subclass with new abilities or functionalities. Void 3.0 will work similarly, but players will be able to select multiple Supers, rather than Stasis’ single Super option.

Also like Stasis, Void has key terms that define it. For Stasis, those terms are “Slow, Freeze, and Shatter”  and are buffs and debuffs that all play with each other.  For Void, the key terms are “Suppression, Weaken, Volatile.”

While some of these terms are familiar, they are not consistent within Destiny as compared to “Slow, Freeze, and Shatter.” With Void 3.0 on the way, these terms will be the core functions of the Void Subclass.

If you aren’t familiar with those buffs/debuffs in Destiny 2, here is a quick rundown:

Suppression is blinding and disabling enemies, preventing them from using abilities. (For AI combatants, this prevents them from firing their weapons at all.)  Weaken increases the target’s incoming damage and slows their movement. While Volatile causes affected enemies to explode after death or taking enough additional damage. Void Guardians will also be able to benefit from using overshields, invisibility, or Devour.

Devour is currently only for bottom tree Voidwalker Warlocks, and it is an incredibly strong lifesteal type buff. Seeing this feature on  other classes and abilities can be very cool!

Now let’s get into some of the new abilities that the Void 3.0 Update will bring to players!

To start off, Titans will be getting a new Aspect and melee ability with Void 3.0. The Sentinel Titan will receive an Aspect called Overwatch. Players will be able to cast a Void Empowered Barricade and grants you and other nearby allies a Void Overshield. Players who stand behind the overshield will slowly regenerate their Void Overshield over time. Bungie’s sandbox team said they want the Sentinel Titan to feel like the “front line protector” for the team, and I think this new Aspect is the perfect way to do that.

The new Titan melee ability is a ranged melee attack. (The only ranged melee attack for the Titan is the Throwing Hammer for Sunbreakers.) Titans will be able to toss a void shield at enemies, with this shield bouncing from enemy to enemy, each hit granting the player a Void Overshield.

Hunters will be receiving an alternate version of their Shadowshot Super. Instead of firing up to five arrows, players will fire two volleys of three Void Arrows that seek out targets and spawn void anchors on impact. We also received a small tease towards another Hunter ability… which I am calling… “Devious Dive?” In a small clip that Bungie showed off, we see a Hunter diving towards the ground very similarly to Shatterdive, but they are using the Void Subclass. While we don’t see this activate anything, we may see more builds surrounding diving on the Void Subclass with Void 3.0.

The Hunter Aspect is called “Stylish Executor” and is focused around invisibility. For this Aspect, defeating a target that is Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile will grant players Invisibility and Truesight. The player’s next melee attack on an enemy will Weaken them. This aspect seems really unique, as it really doubles down on the “silent assassin” playstyle which is somewhat lacking in the current Hunter Class.

Ahh, my favorite, Warlocks. Warlocks will be receiving a new melee ability in Void 3.0 as well as a new Aspect. For the melee ability, Warlocks will be launching an unstable void ball of energy that detonates when nearby enemies. Pushing them away and causing them to be Volatile. This reminds me of the middle-tree Stormcaller projectile melee, but with a nice twist. I am excited to see how this plays out in game.

For Aspects, Warlocks will receive a buff to their rift called “Child of the Gods.”  Sounds menacing right? That is because it is. When Warlocks use their Rift ability, they also summon a sentient black hole. (WHAT!?) This black hole launches itself at enemies, and siphons their energy and weakening them, refunding their life force back to the player as either melee or grenade energy. So like… WOW? This Aspect reminds me of the Warlock Stasis Turret, and I love how Bungie is going all out on unique abilities like this.

That is all that Bungie teased for us so far! Void 3.0 will be arriving with the launch of Witch Queen on February 22nd, 2022.

Thanks for reading! -Protheon

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