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Everything We Know Coming To Destiny 2 In 2021

Buckle In Because 2021 Is Going To Be A Year

Destiny 2 in 2021 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest years in Destiny 2. We already know the title of the next expansion, some major features coming, and what old favorites are set to return in the coming months.

Of course, there will still be plenty of surprises that come with this year in Destiny, but here is everything we know so far about what the future holds.


Transmog is finally making its way to Destiny 2 after years of fans begging for an overhaul of the cosmetic system. We have confirmation that in Season 14, Transmog will make its debut, allowing players to equip any previously owned gear as an “ornament.”

Bungie has also stated that the transmog system will pull from collections, so if you are still holding onto old gear just for the looks, rest assured you can toss it safely.


Crossplay in gaming is becoming a new industry standard, luckily, and as a result, Destiny 2 is following the train.

As of right now there is not a hard date set in stone, but it has been confirmed that by the end of 2021, Destiny will have full crossplay across all four platforms it currently supports.

Soon no matter how you play Destiny 2, you will be able to raid the Deep Stone Crypt with all of your friends.

Vault Of Glass

In a recent interview with Polygon, Joe Blackburn, the assistant game director of Destiny 2 laid out some crucial details regarding the Vault of Glass.

First, we can count on the raid returning in 2021 with a fresh new feel that still seems familiar. Blackburn stated that due to the power increase the Guardians have had since the original Destiny, Bungie had to rework encounters to make them more challenging for present-day Guardians.

With this same spirit, all of the weapons in Vault of Glass have gone through a small rework. Blackburn stated that though they may be changed, they too will still feel familiar.

As of right now I am expecting Champions to be sprinkled through encounters and maybe some tweaks to the encounters, but only time will tell what Bungie has in store for this fan favorite raid.

Two strikes Destiny strikes, Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil’s Lair, are also coming to Destiny 2 with a launch date of Season 13.

Adept Gear

This season saw Trials of Osiris receiving the first drop of Adept gear. Currently only for weapons, Adept gear is the final rewarded for reaching the Lighthouse.

Coming in 2021, new armor and weapons will be added to the list of loot drops for Trials. And for players that may not be so skilled in the Crucible, three new adept weapons will be making their debut in the Nightfall playlist as well.


When Bungie did the massive vaulting of content with Beyond Light, they also vaulted two very powerful exotics. Both Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected had incredibly fleshed out dungeons that awarded these weapons as a result of completion.

With Season 13, these weapons will be added to the Exotic Kiosk in the tower alongside the Crucible dominating Felwinters Lie.

We also have confirmation of three new Exotic Armor pieces being added to the game next season as of right now.

In Season 13 when Legendary and Master Lost Sectors become available on the moon, three new Exotic Armor pieces should become available. We do not yet have any details on what these will be.

The Witch Queen

It feels like there is still plenty of lore and story waiting to be revealed this Season. However, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of excitement everytime I think about the title of 2021’s expansion, The Witch Queen.

Just looking at the future cover art gives me goosebumps, and whether this will see us finally squaring off against Savathun or this just being the beginning in our quest to take her down, I am still excited.

What are you most excited for in Destiny 2? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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