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Everything you need to get done before Destiny 2: Beyond Light hits this November - a checklist

Make sure to complete this content before it leaves the game on November 10.

The November 10 release date for Destiny 2: Beyond Light is fast approaching with there being just 112 days until Guardians will be able to tread upon Europa and uncover its new secrets.

With the release of Beyond Light, older less played content will be rotated out of the main game into what Bungie is calling the Destiny Content Vault. This will allow Bungie to expand the game into new areas without obsolete content bloating out the game’s file size.

Unfortunately this means that come November 10th the destinations of Mercury, Mars, The Leviathan, Io, Titan and their associated activities will no longer be present in the game.

Who knows when this content will be reintroduced back into the game so here is a quick checklist to make sure you have completed some of Destiny 2’s best content.

Red War/Curse of Osiris/Warmind Campaigns

Say what you want about the release state of Destiny 2 but the Red War campaign for the base game, especially some of the earlier missions, are extremely solid. While Curse of Osiris and Warmind missions don’t really reach the same heights as the Red War they are still very worth playing.

Many New Light players have undoubtedly skipped over these campaigns by accident as they are hidden away in Amanda Holiday's inventory.

It’s also a good idea for veteran players to knock out a rerun through these campaigns as they are unlikely to make their way back to the game when Beyond Light releases.


Many of Destiny 2’s older raids will be cycled out of the game too with only Garden of Salvation and The Last Wish remaining from the current selection.

This means that The Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow and Scourge of the Past will be rotated out along with their loot.

With Moments of Triumph currently underway now is the perfect time to finally get around to completing these older raids if you haven't already.

Bungie has recently removed the farming cap for all the gear from these raids so you can now run them as many times as you want for increased chances at the Exotics.

Bungie has stated that they will try to find a new place to earn at least the Exotics from these raids but who knows how long it will take them to get around to doing that. It’s best to simply get it done before Beyond Light releases.


The Whisper and Zero Hour are two dungeons that kind of act like mini raids for a 3 man fireteam.

The Whisper rewards what was once one of the best DPS options in the game known as The Whisper of the Worm, a Sniper Rifle that refills the mag upon 3 successful precision hits.

The Whisper mission is 100% leaving the game on September 22nd as it takes place entirely on Io which as we know is getting axed.

Zero Hour rewards a Pulse Rifle known as Outbreak Perfected which is both an extremely strong PvE and PvP weapon.

The rotation of Zero Hour is still up in the air as the mission itself takes place on Earth but some of the prerequisite steps take place on Titan.

It’s very possible that Bungie may keep the mission as its own node on the Farm and not have any kind of steps preceding the mission, much like The Whisper, but it's best to get this mission done before September 22nd.

Exotic Quests

There are quite a few Exotics within the game that take place on destinations that will be rotated out once Beyond Light releases.

Like the raid Exotics, Bungie has stated that they plan to find new homes for these Exotics, whether that's simply being able to buy them from Xur or perhaps new quests for them, who really knows.

It's likely to take some time for Bungie to put the resources towards whatever approach they decide on so it’s best to acquire these Exotics soon. Here is a handy list of the non-raid Exotics that will be disappearing, at least for time:

  • Mida Multi Tool
  • Rat King
  • Sturm
  • Ace of Spades (Won't be able to play last mission in questline)
  • The Last Word
  • Bad Juju


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