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How to Get the Fourth Horseman exotic in Destiny 2 — guide, quest steps

With the newest weekly reset comes the return of one of the original Destiny’s most entertaining weapons, The Fourth Horseman. This Arc Shotgun is a beastly firearm with 4 huge barrels that expel rounds at an obscene fire rate, obliterating almost anything in its path. 

Thankfully, Bungie learned from past mistakes and left this Exotic quest off the Season of the Worthy roadmap so it came as quite a nice surprise when players started to log in once the reset hit.

Here are the quest steps to acquire The Fourth Horseman:

1 — Visit Zavala

Upon logging in the player will be greeted with a message popup telling them about the quest and that Zavala needs their help. Travel to the Tower Courtyard spawn and head directly across to the lookout where Zavala can be found. Here you will acquire the ‘In Rides a Pale Horse’ Exotic quest.

2 — Find a vault in Zavala’s Office

This can be a bit tricky as like the Leviathan’s Breath Exotic this step requires the player to find their own way into a secret location deep within the Tower without an objective marker guiding you around each corner. Thankfully, once the entrance to the secret area is found there is really only one pathway to follow with a small amount of offshoots that only lead to dead ends. Here are the directions to the vault:

  • Head past the Gunsmith as if you are heading towards Ikora but stop on the bridge that separates the Tower Courtyard and the Bazaar. From this bridge drop down onto the lower catwalks and go down a couple of levels until you reach an open door located on a small platform.

  • In the door and to the left is Zavala’s office. Once here go right and down a small set of stairs. 
  • On the left is the Vault but you don’t have the access codes, you’ll need to find another way. Crouch and go under the stairs you just came down and you will find a small passageway.

  • Drop down and jump over the gap in the floor then follow the pathway until you reach a small storage room with some racking. Look to the right and up from the entrance way to see a gap in the roof. Climb up the storage racks to reach this gap.

  • Once in the air vents head straight across and drop down into another room. Follow this singular pathway up into some more vents until you drop down again, but this time directly into the vault.

  • Interact with the empty weapon storage box to start the next part of the quest called ‘Missing in Action’ and then return to Zavala to report your findings, or lack thereof.

3 — Visit Ana Bray on Mars

Head to the Braytech Futurescape area on Mars and into the building directly across from the spawn. Up and to the right is where Bray will be waiting.

4 — Kill Cabal or Complete Mars Public Events

The quickest way to do this is to simply grind out some Escalation Protocol as each round completion gives 10% towards the quest step. Don't bother with Cabal as they award a lot less than 1% per kill, clearing out the Ma’adim Subterrane gave only 4%.

If you can't find a populated instance the first round of EP can still be completed by a single person at a decent Light level. Simply clear the round then let the time expire to reset it back to round 1, repeat this 10 times.

After this is done, return to Ana to obtain the ‘In the Shadows’ step.

5 — Kill Cabal Psions and Loot Cabal Chests

Each Psion kills gives 2% towards the quest while each Cabal chest gives 20%. The Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector has over 15 Psion spawns so each clear will give approximately 30%.

If you have a Ghost Shell that can detect Mars caches then this is also a good option as the chests give such a large amount of progress. Simply equip a sniper and zoom to see where all the chests are and go scoop up the Cabal ones.

6 — Visit Benedit 99-40

Travel to the Tower Annex and head along the left pathway to meet the Frame overtaken by Emperor Calus, Benedict 99-40. Benedict will task you with heading to the EDZ to complete various objectives.

7 — Kill enemies, complete Public Events, complete Patrols

This step is similar to the previous one on Mars but this time the player is able to complete various objectives in the EDZ. Killing enemies will grant less than 1% per kill, completing a Patrol will grant 5%, a Heroic Public event gives 10% and the Seraph Tower event gives 15%.

Since the EDZ has a lot of different zones it's quite easy to hop from Public Event to Public Event by fast traveling around the area. If you arrive a minute or so before a Public Event is set to start, grab a Patrol and complete it while waiting.

8 — Complete Legendary Lost Sector ‘The Quarry’

The Quarry can be started by visiting the EDZ Warmind Bunker, the node is next to Rasputin. The available Lost Sectors are on rotation and Bungie has stated that this particular Lost Sector will be available on the 17th and 18th of this month.

If you are unable to complete the Lost Sector on either of these days then you will need to wait for it to come back around on rotation. The Lost Sector is 1000 recommended Power so be sure to take your best gear in or team up with some other Guardians. There are no Darkness zones so you don't have to worry about failing though.

9 — Claim the Fourth Horseman

At the end of the Lost Sector will be a special chest that contains the Exotic.


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