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Season of the Dawn roadmap revealed: Psion Flayer Council, subclass updates, and more

Season of the Dawn is set to release this week, with plenty of new weapons, features, missions, and more coming in the content drop, and Bungie has revealed exactly what is coming in the December 10 release with a newly released roadmap for the new expansion.

Since the introduction of Seasons into Destiny 2, Bungie has adopted a slow drip-feed of content rather than the older release model of a large DLC every six months. It is due to this new release schedule that a roadmap is essential to show the community exactly what content is contained within the new Season and when they should expect it to be released. It was during the reveal stream on Wednesday that Bungie released the official Season of Dawn roadmap, here it is:

Launch Day 12/10 (Season Pass Required)

  • The Sundial - A new PvE mode is set to be released with the new Season of Dawn. Protect Osiris’ time-manipulating machine known as The Sundial against the Cabal with a 6 man Fireteam.
  • Sundial Boss Niruul, The Hollow Voice - The first of Psion Flayer Council members to assault the Sundial. 

Launch Day 12/10 (Free to all Players)

  • Lantern of Osiris - The Lantern of Osiris is the new Seasonal Artifact to hit Destiny 2 along with new Seasonal Mods to tinker with.
  • Solar Subclass Update - A select few Solar Subclasses are seeing some significant buffs and reworks. Check out our previous article for some of the details. 
  • Elimination PvP Mode - A much-loved mode from the original Destiny makes its full-fledged return to the franchise. A 3v3 match of multiple rounds where a team must eliminate all members of the opposition to win. No respawns are allowed but players are able to revive their teammates. 
  • PvP Map Rusted Lands - Rusted Lands is another favorite map from Destiny 1 that is returning. Located in the Eastern Flood Zone on Earth, fight through decrepit buildings from the Golden Age.
  • Tangled Shore and Mars Obelisks Open - Not much has been revealed as of yet as to what the purpose of these Obelisks are. They could potentially be used as a side activity to The Sundial like the Vex Invasions on the Moon were to Vex Offensive in Season of the Undying.

Tuesday 12/17

  • Nessus and EDZ Obelisks Open
  • The Sundial: Ozletc, The Sky Piercer - The second Psion Flayer from the Council is assaulting The Sundial. Expect the possibility of different mechanics for each new Psion Flayer Boss introduced or different loot drops. If Vex Offensive: Final Assault is anything to go by then we could be in for a disappointment with all Psion Flayer fights being mechanically the same. 
  • Save a Legend - Legendary Titan Saint-14 makes his debut in Destiny 2 with players attempting to rewrite time to save Saint from his death at the hands of the Vex. This seems to be when the new narrative of Season of Dawn will be releasing which is an odd choice by Bungie to release it a week after launch. 

Tuesday 12/17 - Tuesday 1/14

  • The Dawning - Destiny 2’s annual Christmas and New Year event. Expect this event to be similar in scope to the recent Halloween event Festival of the Lost, with festive decorations across the Tower, new quests, new gear, and new cosmetics.

Tuesday 12/24

  • Iron Banner - This should come as no surprise that Iron Banner will be making an appearance during this new Season. The only issue is that from the above image it appears as if there will be no new armor to earn, but instead Guardians will be grinding away for the same armor they have been earning for the past several Iron Banner events.
  • The Sundial: Tazaroc, The Sun Eater - The third Psion Flayer from the council attempts to siege The Sundial. When will they learn?

Tuesday 1/7

  • Legend Sundial - The higher difficulty version of The Sundial is set to launch this week. Bungie has not released what the recommended Light Level will be for this activity but with the Pinnacle cap being raised to 970, expect the recommended level to be somewhere around 960.
  • Exotic Quest: Devil’s Ruin - Begin the quest for what appears to be an exotic Sidearm known as Devil’s Ruin. Could this weapon have some connection to the Fallen House of Devils?

Tuesday 1/28

  • Exotic Quest: Bastion - Another Exotic quest is released, this time what appears to be an Auto Rifle.

Tuesday 2/4

  • Empyrean Foundation - At the present time, nothing is known about the Empyrean Foundation so it could be a new location, activity or quest. The Empyrean Foundation is free to all Destiny players so don't expect it to be anything too grand.
  • The Sundial: inotam, Oblivion’s Throne - The fourth and final Psion Flayer attempts one last push towards The Sundial to use its power to alter the outcome of the Red War.

Tuesday 2/11 - Tuesday 2/18

  • Crimson Days - The Valentine’s Day inspired event makes its return to Destiny 2. Grab your significant other and head into the Crucible to take part in the 2v2 Doubles mode for a limited time only. Earn new cosmetics, ships, sparrows, and shaders.


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