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Destiny 2's latest shotgun 'Felwinter's Lie' gated behind huge community quest

Guardians across the world are going to have to come together to unlock the old Iron Banner shotgun.

Felwinter’s Lie was an Iron Banner Shotgun that could be obtained during the first year of Destiny 1.

It quickly rocketed to the top of the Crucible due to its obscene Range stat and perks allowing it to achieve one-shot kills from a ridiculous distance, surpassing even the top tier shotguns in Destiny 2.

Those of you who played a decent amount of the original Destiny will be very familiar with this sniper posing as a shotgun and might have a certain love-hate relationship with it.

The good news, or bad news depending on what you thought of the weapon in Destiny 1, is that Felwinter’s Lie will soon be making its way back into the Destiny universe most likely within the next few days.

It is to be unlocked through a community quest that is similar in ways to the previous Escalation Protocol and Imperium Foundation Community Quests.

Note that Felwinter’s Lie is not currently available to get right at this moment but if we all knuckle down and work towards the quest as a community then we should knock it over in a few days time.

Here are the steps involved with earning Felwinter’s Lie:

Talk to Ana Bray

When you load into Orbit there is no screen pop up to let you know that the quest is available, only a new objective in your Milestones which can be easily missed.

Head over to Mars and to Ana Bray to receive the first part of the quest known as ‘The Lie’

Community Quest - Complete Seraph Tower Events

These Seraph Tower completions are going to be the most time consuming as this is the community section of the quest.

In total the community must complete three tmillion Seraph Tower Public events on each planet that they spawn. That’s three million on the EDZ, three million on Io and 3 million the Moon.

As of the writing of this article, a few hours after reset, the EDZ completions are at 3% while the other two locations are only at 1%. Except this pace to quicken though as more and more of the community hears about the event and jumps in to do their part.

An important note here is that it has been confirmed by Bungie community manager Dylan Gafner that the step tracks each Guardian completion.

This means that if a group five of players complete a Seraph Tower event then this will reward 5 points towards the three million required for that location.

Return to Ana Bray

In a few days, to possibly almost a week, the event should be completed and players will be able to return to Ana for an update.

Investigate Vostok

This part of the quest will send the player to the Crucible map Vostok, set high in the mountains near the Iron Temple. The player will most likely have to navigate through the map to look for the energy signatures that Rasputin has found, all while battling various PvE enemies.

If other quest missions are anything to go by don't expect this to be anything spectacular, can most likely be completed in 10 or less minutes.

Shotgun Kills

This step will require the player to achieve 1,000 kills, either in PvE or PvP, with a shotgun. The quest step does not explicitly say it but it seems logical that PvP kills will count more towards the total than PvE kills as other quests and bounties have done this.

Since nobody is up to this step yet this has still not been confirmed though. Once this step is available and you would rather do it in the Crucible then be sure to check your progress after a kill to see if only 1 point has been granted.

For PvP, simply chuck on your favourite shotgun while running a Shotgun Scavenger armour mod to ensure you don't run out of ammo.

For PvE, you can just run your favourite activities like Strikes or Gambit to slowly get this done without really having to worry about it.

If you wanted to get it done as quickly as possible then a good way to do this is the Suro Chi checkpoint in The Last Wish raid.

A very large number of Taken Thrall spawn in this section right after the checkpoint. There is also an area to place a Raid Banner to refill your ammo between each run. Just be sure to stock up on banners before starting.

It would also be a good idea to run 3 shotguns in your loadout to ensure the maximum amount of shotgun kills per run. Three good shotguns to use for this would be Perfect Paradox, IKELOS, and Tractor Cannon.

Travel to Moon Seraph Bunker

Rasputin has requested your presence at his Seraph Tower in the Moon. Travel to Sanctuary and then head left towards Archer's Line. Before you reach the main building you will see the bunker open to your left.

Investigate Rasputin's Secret

At a glance not much can be gleaned from the title of the step and it's short description but some recently datamined images, models and lore books may give us a hint. If you care about spoilers, this is your warning.

Essentially these leaks and datamines point towards the possibility that Rasputin is hiding a still SIVA corrupted Felwinter within one of his bunkers.

During the last part of this quest the player will most likely have to delve deep into one of the Seraph Bunkers to fight, and possibly save, Felwinter the Iron Lord.

Felwinter even has an uncorrupted model in the game files so it could be possible that he could take his place at the Tower once this is all over.

Credit to @JPDeathBlade for the above image.

In any case the player should be gifted with Felwinter's Lie after this step is over, either by Felwinter himself for saving him or by Rasputin.

The later section of this whole quest seems like it could be very interesting and lore rich if Bungie does it the way that the leaks seem to be suggesting. In fact it could be one of the best quest story missions we have had yet.

This is somewhat overshadowed though by the poor beginning of the quest, the part the community is grinding through right now.

Since the beginning of the Season players have expressed their displeasure over the Seraph Tower events due to the lack of matchmaking and the tediousness of the event. This led to a steep decline in the amount of players participating in the event which only exasperated the above issues.

For Bungie to then make the unlocking of the Felwinter's quest tied to completing 9 million runs of these Seraph events feels like they are simply trying to draw players back to the game by dangling a carrot on a stick in front of us. It just feels a little bit disrespectful.

In any case, if you want to get past this section of the quest as quickly as possible then join in in running through this event a few times a day to speed things up.


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